Institutes and Higher Schools

Higher School of Design and Architecture

Higher School of Design and Architecture (HSDA) was formed in 2017 as a structural subdivision of Pyatigorsk State University. However, its history starts in 1998, when it was opened in Zheleznovodsk, backed by the Union of Russian Artists, Union of Russian Designers, and the Russian Academy of Arts. It was the first non-state educational facility for designers training in the whole country. In 2004 Higher School of Design become a branch of Rostov State Academy of Architecture and Arts,

Higher School of Political Administration and Innovative Management

The Higher School of Political Administration and Innovative Management (HS PAIM) is one of the largest educational and research structural subunits of Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University.

Mission: scientific ideas creation and training of skilled, creative, innovative, socially responsible leaders with globally timely professional and crucial social, communicational competencies, by means of development and maintenance of creative educational and research environment, which

Institute of International Service, Tourism and Foreign Languages

A mission of the Institute of International Service, Tourism and Foreign Languages of PSU is:

To combine fundamental scientific training and top-level education of innovative type with classic school traditions, and to be a leader in creation of new social and humanitarian technologies of training and education of creative individuals, with qualitative, professional knowledge, linguistic and communicative skills, and foreign language compete

Institute of International Relations

A mission of the Institute:
to contribute to the development of Russia by training highly qualified specialists in various fields of international relations; to do research into the most important aspects of social and political processes occurring both in Russia and abroad with the view of the internal and foreign national interests of Russia.

1. Creation and development of a multi-educational, research and expert-analytical center on international relati

Institute of Extramural Education, Informational Technologies, and Online Projects

Distant higher education is education via the Internet at any time available, a wide range of majors and specialties, stable contact with a lecturer via Internet, online access to academic materials around the clock.

Institute of Top-Qualification Personnel Training

The Institute’s mission is a qualitative training of top-qualification personnel able to function efficiently in changing conditions of the present.

The Institute of Top-Qualification Personnel Training was formed on February 1st, 2014, conditioned by the Federal Law no.273 “About Education in the Russian Federation” of September 1st, 2013, according to which training programs of pedagogic personnel (doctorate, military postgraduate courses), medical residency, internship programs be

Institute of Translatology and Multilingualism

The Institute of Translatology and Multilingualism (ITAM) is in its way a microcosm of Pyatigorsk State University (PSU).

It has gone the way of 25 intense, yet successful years, and has firmly occupied its own educational place within the university structure. Today, it is a dynamically developing university division with well-qualified teaching staff and a great potential for scholarly research. The history of the Institute is more than a list of dates and years;

Institute of Romance and German Languages, Informational and Humanitarian Technologies

           The Institute’s mission:

Keeping tradition and developing its scientific and innovative potential, implementing modernization of the educational technologies, to train modern experts who know foreign languages, think creatively, who have professional competence, important communicative social competencies, ability to implement them efficiently in the process of formation of different level strategies, technologies of innovative development

Judicial Institute

“Lawyer is not a profession. It is mission and service”.

Judicial Institute has an important significance for the educational, social and economic environment of the North Caucasus Federal District. Development of judicial education and science, as well as training of top-level experts in law, is the principal goals of the Institute.

Judicial Clinic functions at the Judicial Institute, which on one hand carry the mission of free qualified judicial assistance to the citize