From September 24 to 27, a new museum Russia – My History hosted the anniversary XX International Festival of Design, Architecture, Applied Art, and “Ferodisz” in Pyatigorsk. The festival was organized by the Regional Department of the Union of Russian Designers and Higher School of Design and Architecture of Pyatigorsk State University.

With its 20-years history, the Ferodiz festival has become an essential and important part of the cultural life of the Caucasus Mineral Waters region. The event gathers leading experts in the field of design, visual art, and architecture.

The festival held an exhibition of competition works on design, architecture, and applied art. It also held a fashion show, conferences, roundtables, and a range of thematic workshops.

The festival included the Fourth National Symposium on Ceramics under the aegis of the Russian Academy of Arts. Famous carvers, honorary artists of the Russian Federation under the direction of Nikolay Beketov, curator of the symposium, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts handed over 15 sculptures to Pyatigorsk and Pyatigorsk State University to be exhibited in the CMW parks.

Two ceramic art objects were created during the work of the symposium. Their firing at the open ground was a true extravaganza. The sculptures were also given to the city as a gift.

Anniversary Ferodiz was organized with the support of the Russian Fund of Culture - All-Russia Social and State Organization within the frameworks of Culture – National Project. This no doubt speaks of the festival acknowledgment by the professional community.

As usual, Ferodiz gathered eminent and beginning designers, architects, and artists from all over the country. This year, dignitary guests visited the festival: Yuriy Vladimirovich Menchits, vice-president of the Union of Russian Designers, and delegation of academicians and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Arts, headed by Academy vice-president Andrey Leonidovich Bobykin.

On September 25, the academicians of the Russian Academy of Arts met with PSU Rector Aleksandr Pavlovich Gorbunov and A.L. Bobykin handed him a testimonial from the Academy, signed by its president Zurab Konstantinovich Tsereteli.

The president and corresponding members of the Academy paid gratitude to A.P. Gorbunov for a big contribution and organization of the event and expressed their hope for future cooperation and fruitful collaboration.

Anniversary XX Festival of Design, Architecture, and Visual Arts was a joyful and remarkable event not only for the representatives of the professional artistic community but also for a number of guests, who visited festival exhibitions, workshops, and fire extravaganza.
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