Студенты магистратуры ИРГЯИГТ проходят обучение по программе двух дипломов в Университете Лиможа (Франция)
The Chair of French Philology and Intercultural Communication at the Institute of Romance and German Languages, Informational and Humanitarian Technologies continues successful cooperation with Limoges University, France, on the double diplomas master’s program (coordinated by the Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor A.A. Kornienko).

In January 2020, master’s students, majoring in 45.04.02 Linguistics (Contrastive Study of Languages and Cultures and Innovative Strategies of Oral Communication) Maria Akopyan, Alina Babadzhanyan, Snezhana Bessmertnaya, and Meri Grigoryan took part in the competition of Nouvelle Aquitaine to get a scholarship for foreign students. The girls won the competitions and got a €6,000 scholarship each. While choosing the candidates, special attention was paid to the academic successes of the students. They managed to prove their excellent marks, linguistic knowledge, and competencies at the international level.

Despite a difficult epidemiological situation caused by the COVID-19 virus, on October 12, PSU students gladly came to Limoges. 

Master’s students from PSU will study the program of “Applied Foreign Languages in Management” following a tradition of the recent six years. they will defend their master’s diplomas in 10 months.

The students have already been accommodated in the Camille Guérin residence at the university. They got to know the campus schedule and got a pedagogical and administrative registration at the Department of Philology and Humanitarian Sciences.

Alla Alekseyevna