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Аннотации к выпускам Creative Innovations & Innovate Creations
Guidelines for the Submission of Articles to “Creative Innovations – Innovative Creations” (“The Scientific Bulletin of Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University”)

Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University (Pyatigorsk, Russia) is glad to announce the launch of its International Scientific Bulletin “Creative Innovations – Innovative Creations”.

We invite articles on a wide range of humanities including linguistics and literary criticism, pedagogical sciences, psychology, philosophy and ethnic culture studies, economics, political and social sciences, history, management and law. Papers may be written in English (preferably), German, French, Spanish or Italian. Papers in other languages may be accepted by special arrangement with the editorial staff.

Our journal will be especially interested in papers dealing with the language from a cognitive perspective, as well as in articles devoted to ethno-cultural and ethno-social issues.

Creative Innovations – Innovative Creations is planning to attract a wide and diverse international readership. When preparing documents for submission, please consider the following factors:
  • cultures, educational backgrounds, and fields of study vary greatly among readers;
  • English may not be the first language of many people who will still be interested in the problems you address in your article;
  • some readers may not be a part of academia.
The editors understand that nearly all contributors are skilled writers, but still attention to the following guidelines will help the Creative Innovations – Innovative Creations staff spend less time editing your work and ensure that your message is communicated clearly to readers.

1. All readers will better understand your message through simple explanations and less complex sentences.

2. Use consistency in style and format.

3.The entire document should be accurately typed, spaced 1,5 and proofread. All pages should be numbered, starting with the title page. Use only the Times New Roman font, 14 pt. Feel free to justify or break words at the right margin.

4. Each manuscript should contain the following elements, printed and saved as separate documents:
  • An article (save as “article”). The article should include a clearly defined introduction, discussion, and conclusion, internal citations, acknowledgments (if any), references;
  • A 10-12-line abstract in the language of the article and in Russian (save as “abstract” and “abstract_rus”);
  • Name(s) of author(s) and institution affiliation(s) (please include e-mail address(es)) in the form of a brief statement "About the Author" in the language of the article and in Russian (save as “author_info” and “author_info_rus”);
5. Submit one complete copy of your manuscript as an e-mail attachment to vestnik@pglu.ru. We accept Microsoft Word (DOC) or plain text (RTF) formats. Mail a hard copy with the digital version on a CD to:

Creative Innovations – Innovative Creations
Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University
Scientific Research Department
9 Kalinin Ave.
Pyatigorsk, Stavropol region, 357532

6. The article length should not be less than 10 pages and should not exceed 20 pages. In certain cases, articles may be edited into “research summaries” or divided into parts over more than one issue. This will be done only with the author's permission, however.

7. The material submitted should not have been previously published in any form, nor should it be under consideration for publication elsewhere, unless by specific agreement with the editorial board of Creative Innovations – Innovative Creations. If the material is intended to be published under some form of sponsorship (a grant, for instance), that information must by all means be specified after the title on the first page of the article.

8. Book reviews will be accepted. Follow the same format guidelines, keeping the length of the review to the maximum of 7 pages.

9. Place the name(s) of all authors (e.g. D.A. Ivanov, Ch. Jones), their city and country of residence, institutional affiliation(s), and e-mail address(es) in the top right-hand corner of the first page of the manuscript. Set the name(s) in boldface and italics, the rest of the information should be italicized.

10. Place the title of the paper next, typing it in all capitals, boldfaced and centered. Do not include the author(s) name anywhere else in the document, except the title page. This way, anonymity can be maintained if necessary when your manuscript is reviewed by our staff.

The title and author information should appear on the first page as follows:

10. Illustrations, figures, and tables should be included as separate .JPG files, named simply as “figure1”, “figure2”, etc. They should be embedded in their proper place in the document with captions or marked in the manuscript this way: “Insert figure1.jpg here”, caption.


All papers submitted to Creative Innovations – Innovative Creations for consideration must include an abstract, or a brief summary of the paper's significant findings and conclusions. Limit the abstract to between three and five sentences. State only the main ideas of the paper, avoiding unnecessary details and explanations; do not include any references or notes in the abstract.


The reference section of the paper submitted to Creative Innovations – Innovative Creations should be entitled “Works Cited”. Please make all references in the language of the book you are referring to, DO NOT transliterate Russian book titles (or book titles in any other languages) into English. The general format of citations in your paper should follow the MLA guidelines for works cited. Consult http://www.awrsd.org/oms/works_cited_format.htm for further information and examples. If you have any questions concerning the reference format, send an email to vestnik@pglu.ru.


Please note that authors submitting a paper to Creative Innovations – Innovative Creations automatically agree to assign a limited license to the journal if and when the manuscript is accepted for publication. This license allows the editorial board to publish the accepted manuscript in one given issue of the journal.

Articles published in Creative Innovations – Innovative Creations are protected by copyright, which is retained by individual authors.

NB: Публикации в международной версии «Вестника ПГЛУ» не являются ваковскими!

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