Higher School of Political Administration and Innovative Management

Mission: the generation of scientific ideas and training of skilled, creatively thinking, innovatively acting, socially responsible leaders possessing globally essential professional and key social and communicative competences by supporting and developing a creative learning and research environment promoting the realization of the Higher School’s potential as a subunit of PSLU – a creative innovative university, the “University not only opening but also transforming the world”.

The Higher School directior,
Head of the Chair of Russian and foreign history
of state and law, Corresponding Member
of the Russian Humanitarian Academy of Sciences V.P. Ermakov.

The Higher School of Political Administration and Innovative Management (HS PAIM) is one of the largest educational and research structural subunits of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Establishment of Higher Professional Education “Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University”.

The HS PAIM at present is composed of the faculty of public service and administration, the Institute of the state and confessional relations and three departments: Theology, Oriental and African Studies, Jurisprudence, Secondary professional education (The structure of the HS PAIM).

The academic process is realized by 9 university chairs, 2 faculty chairs (Chair of profession – oriented English and Chair of special management, economics and business law), 2 scientific educational innovative laboratories and Professor B.Ya. Gershkovich Business Center of Innovatics and Excellence.

The HS PAIM has an interesting history and glorious traditions. Today it has 900 students of secondary professional and higher professional education, students taking a master’s degree course from 27 regions of Russia and 2 foreign countries.

Since 1999 we have graduated over 1200 specialists – administrators for central and municipal government and business structures.

For the third year running the HS PAIM within the framework of the Unified system of the indicators of the assessment of the performance of the main subunits of the University holds the top rating positions.

An important indicator of the quality of training of the University graduates is the fact that the director of the HS PAIM V.P. Ermakov is a member of the Council of the educational and methodological union of Russia’ higher educational establishments on education control, he is also a member of the Council for Oriental and African Studies of the Educational and methodological union on classical university education (Lomonosov State University in Moscow).

The training process within the framework of higher professional education is geared to a multilevel system.

The process connected with the increase in the number of students taking a master’s degree course and aspirants is gaining momentum. The School realizes 6 master’s degree programs, its graduate students are trained in 4 specialities.

The HS PAIM is actively interacting with the Multilevel Innovative Academy of Continuous Education (MIACE) and Business School of PSLU within the framework of the system of continuous education including additional and post-graduate education.

The HS PAIM is the association of young people generating creative ideas and innovative projects and promoting talented and initiative students (Student life).