Professor B.Ya. Gershkovich Business Center of Innovations and Excellence in Management and Entrepreneurship

Head – Shteinle Olga Alexandrovna
teacher of the Chair of innovatics, management and law.

The Business center was opened on the 7th of October 2010. The opening ceremony was arranged for the birthday of Boris Yakovlevich Gershkovich – doctor of economic sciences, professor, Honored Worker of Science of Russia, full Member of the Academy of Social Sciences. For more than 42 years he was the head of the chair of economic theory in Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University.

Scientific and scientific and pedagogical services of Professor Gershkovich B.Ya. are undoubtedly very prominent, first of all in the field of economic theory and social sciences as a whole. In many aspects thanks to the results of his work we can speak today about Pyatigorsk Economic School that since mid-1960 has been developing the most pressing scientific problem: “Economic interests and stimulation”. The Scientific School led by professor B.Ya. Gershkovich was formally registered by the Ministry of Education.

Under the supervision of B.Ya. Gershkovich his post-graduate students defended over 90 candidate and doctor dissertations, each of them, without the slightest doubt, can claim the highest professional level.

Professor B.Ya. Gershkovich Business Center of Innovations and Excellence in Management and Entrepreneurship serves as a technological and educational platform of the SEIC “Humanitarian technologies and social innovation: creative, innovative and entrepreneurial management”, the SEIC “Additional professional programs and socio-humanitarian technologies in pre-school and intra-university continuous training and re-training of the staff”, the SEIL “Technologies of management in the field of innovative entrepreneurship, the SEIL “Integration of 21st century innovative learning strategies into the system of teaching a practice – oriented foreign language”.

This Business Center is established on the initiative of the Rector of Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University A.P. Gorbunov and is aimed at the creation and development of the system of the effective exploitation of the university potential in the interests of the support and improvement of the scientific, pedagogical and administrative work of the university staff.