Student life

The Student community is a strong, active and harmonious team. An important role in the organization of student life is played by the Council of student self-government.

This is an organization of socially active students created to achieve concrete goals that can vary but follow one rule: student life should be meaningful, bright and interesting. The Student Council gives each of its participants the chance of socializing with other people, of making new friends, of gaining new experience in drafting, organizing and conducting projects, of organizing mass events and festivals. It also provides assistance in the realization of creative talent. The work in the monthly e-newspaper of the HS PAIM, in the broadcasting studio “Orange radio”, in the “Creative department” project contributes a lot to this mission.

We know that it is essential to make student years eventful and interesting. First of all – it is the holding of various events, participation in the festivals and competitions of students’ creative work, visiting museums, concerts, celebrations of birthdays, film previews (domestic and foreign) in the university movie club. Especially popular are the traditional festivals of the HS PAIM” “KVN – first – year students”, “The Higher School Day”, “The Final Ball”, “The Equator”, “The New Year and Christmas Celebrations in the traditions of English-speaking countries” accompanied by the enchanting performances and all kinds of contests.

Students with the active position in life realize their abilities in the discussion clubs of the HS PAIM: historical club “Rivers of times”, legal association “The guild of young lawyers”, “Association of young administrators”, intellectual club “What was it?”, theological society “Inter confessional dialogue” enabling the students and post-graduate students to obtain new knowledge, master the skills of conducting a discussion, enjoy pleasant networking.

The scale of the priorities of life excludes indifference. The students of the HS PAIM wholeheartedly respond to people’s misfortunes and problems. Regular charity actions held in the Higher School are proof of this. Bright and unforgettable, moving and remarkably emotional events testify to a high level of creative thinking of the students of the HS PAIM.

Of special pride are the victories of our students in various sporting contests of the university, local, and territory scale.

The student body of the HS PAIM is a harmonious and united team working for the benefit of the common goal – to make life within the university walls bright, eventful, and unforgettable.