• Alumni Association

Pyatigorsk State University Alumni Association

Welcome to the Pyatigorsk State University Alumni Association!

Our graduates live and work in different countries of the planet Earth. Still, they remember and love their University.

The Alumni Association holds events for graduates. We will inform you about the latest events and news of the University.

We really want to see you again at your home University and learn about your success. We will be happy to congratulate you on holidays, career development, and other important events.

Welcome to the Association of graduates of the PSU/PSPIFL!

The Alumni Association carries out the following work:

• development and management of a graduates database;

• systematization of information materials on interaction with graduates;

• organization of a platform for communication of PSU/PSLU/PSPIFL graduates of different years;

• organization of regular meetings of PSU/PSLU/PSPIFL graduates;

• formation of the partnership and friendly relations between graduates of different years;

• sharing the positive experience of PSU/PSLU/PSPIFL graduates successes in different fields with students;

• search for joint programs with entrepreneurs, organizations, and businesses to take part in the Association work;

• provision of vocational guidance for youth;

• creation of the necessary conditions for the students' professionalism improvement during their internship in organizations and enterprises of PSU graduates;

• promotion of graduates’ employment;

• reinforcement of the material and technical base of the University, participation in projects related to the improvement of the University's campus, repair of academic buildings, dormitories, sports complexes, and other social facilities;

• assistance for graduates in confirmation of certificates of their education;

• interaction with associations and communities of graduates in Russia and abroad.

Head of the Alumni Association, Arevik Gevorgyan.
E-mail: vipusknik@pgu.ru 
+7 (8793) 400 629