Education in PSU

Located in the very heart of a Mineral Spa Resort area with rich historical and cultural heritage, Pyatigorsk State University (PSU) has been honoured by its 80 years history and listed among the best humanitarian schools in the country with high educational standards, innovative curriculum, and developed infrastructure, multinational student-friendly atmosphere and a variety of educational programs offered at quite affordable tuition costs that vary from USD 1,500 to USD 2,500 depending upon the major\profession chosen.


Unlike metropolitan cities, Pyatigorsk offers a very safe environment, friendly and hospitable local community, scenic countryside, and mild climate of South Russia that along with lower living costs makes it an ideal place to live and study toward future life career.

Currently, over 4600 undergraduates, postgraduates, and trainees from all over Russia and 34 foreign countries study at the Institutes and Higher Schools of the University generating a friendly multinational student community. The graduates of the University live and work in more than 120 countries worldwide.


Today 8 Institutes and Higher Schools of the University provide multilevel educational programs leading to BA, Specialist, MA, and PhD degrees including a wide selection of e-learning programs. As Russian is the main language of the institution thus the non-Russian speaking students initially take a one-year Russian course at the Preparatory Department and enroll for the selected major and profession.