Application procedure

For academic mobility of the exchange students the home university should send to PSU the list of nominated students with personal details and disciplines to study:
    - for Fall semester not later than May 15 and their application with scanned mandatory documents by May 30; 
    - for Spring semester not later than October 15 and their application with scanned mandatory documents by November 01.

Acceptance letters are released within 7 days after receiving the application and mandatory documents and formal invitation put under processing.

Documents required and to be sent at

  • filled-in Mobility Application form;
  • scan of the passport (page with personal data and photo);
  • transcript of academic records at home university;
  • evidence of Russian language skills level (recommended B1);
  • draft Learning Agreement with requested disciplines indicated

Any inquiries and assistance with application processing can be received by e-mail at the Department of International Students at

Tel.: +7 8793 400 428

Fax: +7 8793 400 527

Pyatigorsk State University takes an obligation to provide international students and academic mobility participants with invitation processed and issued thru Migration Service.

To start the process international applicants must fill in the Mobility Application form and send it to the Department of International Students.

It should be done well in advance as it takes about 30 days to process, issue and send visa invitation. One page of invitation will be sent by the Migration Service directly to Russian Consulate in your country, and we will send the second page to an applicant by e-mail to present it at the Consulate when applying for visa. Visa grants single entry to the Russian Federation and is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. When it expires after your arrival our University will replace it with multi-entry visa for full period of studies

Important. The Consulate can issue single entry visa by simple Letter of Invitation issued by PSU if duration of mobility is up to 3 months.


All incoming international students are supposed to carry internationally valid health insurance.
The International Students Department will assist to get highly recommended local student health insurance for the period of mobility that ensures free medical assistance provided at Pyatigorsk city medical facilities in case of emergency or sporadic illness, except for chronic disease treatment and dentistry.

The student health insurance average cost is $20 per month.


Pyatigorsk State University provides mobility students with comfortable shared accommodation (2 prs / room) at an on-campus safeguarded dormitory in walking distance from the main PSU building. The lodging units with shower cabin and bathroom consist of 2 double bedrooms. All bed clothes provided. The equipped galley kitchens provide opportunities for self-cooking. Self-operated laundry facility is also available at the dormitory.

The accommodation cost has been totaled at $40 per month paid monthly at the dorm in Russian rubles.