Application and enrollment

Degree-seeking international applicants who have Russian language skills of at least B1 level are welcome to apply for any major\profession offered by Pyatigorsk State University for intramural and distant education both on tuition paid or tuition-free basis. The distant studies also provide international students with an opportunity to earn the second higher education Degree along with Degree earned at home university. 

For Application and Enrolment procedures and other important details, please, see

Preparatory Department. As Russian is the main language of teaching at PSU the non-Russian speaking students should initially apply for Preparatory Department to take one-year Russian language studies and to be thereafter enrolled for the selected major / profession. The preparatory studies are provided from October 1 thru June 15 next year with formal Certificate awarded.

No entrance exams are envisaged for applicants for Preparatory Department and their further enrollment for major\profession. 

Application deadline – June 15
Application and documents to be sent to

Applicants for variable Russian Language courses available year-round from September thru June should submit their online filled-in Application Form and send a scanned copy of passport by e-mail about 45 days prior to the wished course start date. They can join courses of any duration and intensity at any time under individual Study Contract and corresponding payment effected. A formal invitation to obtain a Russian visa will be provided after contracted payment has been affected. 

Applications to be sent to
The applicants from Schengen area countries can receive visa invitation within 5 working days but for only up to 90 days of studies.  

Pyatigorsk State University takes an obligation to provide international students and academic mobility participants with invitation processed thru Migration Service to obtain Russian entry student visa. 
To start the process international applicants must fill in the Application online form and send it to the Department of International Students It should be done well in advance as it takes about 30 days to process, issue and send visa invitation. One page of invitation will be sent by Migration Service directly to Russian Consulate you indicated in Application online form, we will send the second page to an applicant by e-mail to present at the Consulate. 
Visa issued by the Russian Consulate grants single entry to the Russian Federation within 90 days from the date of issue. Upon your arrival at PSU, it will be reissued by our University on site into a multi-entry visa for the period of studies. 

All incoming international students are supposed to carry internationally valid health insurance.
The International Students Department will also assist to get local student health insurance for the period of stay that ensures free medical assistance provided at Pyatigorsk city medical facilities and clinics except for chronic diseases and dentistry. 

Pyatigorsk State University provides international students with comfortable shared accommodation at an on-campus safeguarded dorm in walking distance from the main PSU building. The lodging units with shower cabin and bathroom consist of 2-bed rooms. The galley kitchens equipped with stove, frig, microwaves, kitchenware, and utensils provide opportunities for self-cooking. Self-operated laundry facility is also available at the dormitory. 
The request for dorm accommodation should be mentioned at the time of application.

Please, address all inquiries and applications to:
Dpt. of International Students
Phone: +7 8793 40 02 22
Fax: +7 8793 40 05 27
Contact: Ms. Anna Chernova