Визавицкая Татьяна Петровна

Vizavitskaya Tatyana Petrovna

Work experience: 26 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 24 years

Tatyana Petrovna Vizavitskaya, Senior Lector at the Chair of Theory and Practice of English Language.

She graduated from the English Language Department of Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University:

She has been working at the chair since 2005.

T.P. Vizavitskaya gives the following classes:

  • Practice course of the English language translation in Business Correspondence, Translation in Business and Economic Fields, Environmental Compliance, Agriculture, Medical Translation, Political Translation.

Area of expertise:

  • Problems and difficulties of translation from Russian to English;

  • A role of interpreter in the intercultural communication process;

  • Translation education in contemporary conditions.

Professional and personal achievements:

  • Advanced training in Nizhny Novgorod State Linguistic University;

  • English language internship at Stanton Language School (London) – 2009;

  • Participant in annual advanced training “Summer School of Translation”.