Бекетова София Васильевна

Beketova Sofiya Vasilyevna

Work experience: 14 years
Teaching experience: 14 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 14 years
Sofia Vasilyevna Beketova, Candidate of Philological Sciences, a lecturer at the Chair of European Languages at Institute of International Relations. In 2013 she defended her candidate dissertation on “Cognitive-Pragmatic and Semantic Characteristics of the Author Knowledge Expression Means in Newspaper Discourse (on the materials contemporary English language)” in 10.02.04 German Languages. S.V. Beketova actively participates in interinstitutional, university, all-Russian, and international scientific and practice conferences.

She published 20 works, 9.2 printed sheets in total. 3 of the works were published in the journals, recommended by HAC of the Russian Federation. In 2014 she published a monograph on “Linguistic Peculiarities of the Author Knowledge Expression Means” in the international publishing house “Lambert Academic Publishing.

At present, she gives English language classes to younger students, actively participates in the social life of the institute, and organizes cultural events.