Геворгян Аревик Ашотовна

Gevorgyan Arevik Ashotovna

E-mail: gevorgyan@pgu.ru
Phone: +7 (8793) 400-629
Work experience: 14 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 14 years
Arevik Ashotovna Gevorgyan, head of the Association of Graduates of PSU/PSLU/PSPIFL, Center of Career Management and Formation of Innovative and Transformative Pathways of Students Training within the frameworks of the Department of Social Competencies Formation, Civil Education, and Graduates’ Preparation for Employment and Future Career; senior lecturer at the Chair of European Languages at the Institute of International Relations.

A.A. Gevorgyan graduated from Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University in 2007, majoring in International Communication with the assignment of qualification of “Linguist. Teacher of English Language. Psychologist. Lecturer of Psychology”. In 2006 she graduated from the Institute of Additional Educational Programs (with a qualification of professional activity in the field of simultaneous and consecutive interpretation), in 2013 she took the course of “Assessment and Development of Competencies of Students and Graduates” with the assignment of assessor qualification. In 2018 she took a program of training scientific and pedagogic human resources at postgraduate studies on 42.06.01 Mass Media and Information-Library Activity, with the assignment of qualification of “Researcher. Teacher and Researcher”.

Since 2007 she has been given the following classes: Foreign Language (I) in the Professional Sphere”, Practicum of Profession-oriented Speech (I FL), Practicum of Translation in the Professional Sphere (I FL), Practicum of Intercultural Communication (I FL), Intercultural Cooperation in Mass Media for the majors of International Journalism and Media Relations.

A.A. Gevorgyan is also engaged in translation and interpreting.

In 2013-2014 A.A. Gevorgyan took an internship on the Fullbright Faculty Development program (grant for the young lecturers), which included methodic seminars in New York held by Montclair State University, scientific and methodic internship at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and a professional program for invited scientists and experts at Missouri School of Journalism, one of the most prestigious journalism institutes of the USA. As a result of the Fullbright internship, Arevik Gevorgyan presented a professional course on International Journalism in English.

Arevik Gevorgyan is an editor in chief of JMirror (Journalistic Mirror) journal in English. The journal is released within the frameworks of training of students, who study International Journalism and is a profession-oriented interdisciplinary project, which promotes professional and language skills improvement for future international journalists.

A.A. Gevorgyan worked out and registered 9 innovative methodic approaches in the foreign language teaching at the Learning and Teaching Department: JMirror (Journalistic Mirror) Profession-oriented journal in English; Success Skills for Employment – a cycle of webinars in English (Russia, Canada); Journalistic portfolio in English; International Journalism; Global Investigations and Research; Intercultural Communication in Journalism; Multiplatform Journalism; InterCultural Reporting; Podcasting.

Arevik Gevorgyan has prepared and published 18 academic aids on the following disciplines: Service and Tourism; Translation and Translatology; Journalism and English Language. The third edition of “Journalism: Introduction into Profession” gained a review from the Federal Institute of Education Development and was recommended, “as an academic aid for use during the educational process in educational facilities which implement programs of higher education in 42.03.02 Journalism”.

A.A. Gevorgyan also coordinates the following directions: Career Management; Association of Graduates of PSU/PSLU/PSPIFL, as well as Spiritual Legacy club, and Nasledie theater (together with L.S. Daletskaya). She worked out an annual training in the field of corporative education on the preparation of students for employment (with English speaking tourists) in Mosturflot-servis cruise company.