Гукасова Маргарита Вячеславовна

Gukasova Margarita Vyacheslavovna

Work experience: 15 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 15 years
Margarita Vyacheslavovna Gukasova, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor. She is an expert in English language teaching to students of Public Relations and World Economy.

In 2007 she took a Stanton Teacher Training in Great Britain, at Stanton English Language School.

She supervises the scientific and research works of students.

M.V. Gukasova’s area of expertise includes subjective value modality in idiomatics, communicative and pragmatic approach to the language signs meaning, the emotive and subjective direction of context, the linguistic concept of emotions and emotive text.

The studies' results are reflected in scientific articles, reports, and performances at university and international conferences.

She has a range of scientific works published in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and editions (HAC of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation).