Каданцева Дарья Сергеевна

Kadantseva Darya Sergeyevna

Work experience: 14 years
Teaching experience: 14 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 14 years
Darya Sergeevna Kadantseva has been working at the chair of European Languages at the Institute of International Relations at PSU as a senior lecturer since 2007. D.S. Kadantseva gives practical classes in Foreign Language (1) in Professional Field, Foreign Language (1) , Practicum in Professional Field Translation (1), Foreign Language, Multimedia Crosscultural Communication in the Professional Field (1), Foreign Language in the Professional Field, at I and II years at the Institute of International Relations.

D.S. Kadantseva is an author of more than 16 scientific works, 6 of which were published in RSCI journals, and one was published in HAC journal.

She takes part in scientific and methodical readings at PSU and supervises scientific works of students, who publish their results in the Young Science collected papers.

In February 2013, D.S. Kadantseva organized a mini-conference for I and II year students with Canada and the USA representatives on “What is to be Successful?”

Darya Kadantseva heads the Amateur Interpreter’s Club, where students present their creative works on different themes and organize business games and round-tables.

D.S. Kadantseva prepared a chapter for a collective monographs of the Chair of European Languages on political discourse.

Darya Kadantseva also issued “Leadership and Politics” academic and methodological aid for senior students of Politology.