Харина Марина Константиновна

Borisova Marina Konstantinovna

Work experience: 9 years
Teaching experience: 8 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 8 years
Marina Konstantinovna Kharina, a leading French language lecturer at I-VI years, course curator. She heads a club of French language lovers called “Carte Blanche”, editor-in-chief of BonJOURnaliste institute newspaper in French, organizer, and a jury member of departmental phonetic competition on the French language for the first-year students.

An area of her expertise includes terminology and term system. At present, she works on her candidate thesis on Term System of International Safety: Structure, Cognitive Models, Lexicographic Systematization (Russian, English, and French). She published 24 works in international, Russian, and regional editions, 6 of which were published in editions, recommended by the Higher Attestation Committee. She takes part in scientific conferences and has certificates and diplomas of participation in international scientific and practice conferences with reports. M. Kharina also supervises scientific works of students for a student conference Young Science.

In 2019 Marina Kharina published her textbook on French “Sujets d’expression orale” for the first-year students, who study French in the first and second semesters. The textbook includes texts for oral monologic speaking during an exam, vocabulary for theme making up, exercises for vocabulary and grammatic materials consolidation, as well as an appendix with the conjugation of I, II, and III groups of verbs. This academic aid is available on the Internet page of Pyatigorsk State University.

Marina Kharina actively participates in regional seminars for French language teachers, organized by the French Embassy, and has certificates of a participant. In 2020, she took part in webinars, conferences and has become a participator of the Concours de Noel 2020, organized by Institut français de Russie (French Institute in Russian), which belongs to the French Embassy in the Russian Federation. She assists students in the completion of paperwork for a scholarship from the Embassy of France. She is an author of a French-language article for a blog «La vie quotidienne dans la Région des Eaux Minérales du Caucase du Nord» (Everyday Life in the Caucasus Mineral Waters).

In 2020 Marina Kharina took part in two forums: “Women Leadership: a role in the social and political life”, and VII All-Russia Educational Forum “Student Russia”, after which M. Kharina entered the top participants, and got certificate and merch of the forum.