Гордиенко Наталья Викторовна

Gordienko Natalya Viktorovna

Work experience: 27 years
Teaching experience: 11 years
Natalya Viktorovna Gordienko, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Profesor at the Chair of General and Pedagogical Psychology.

N.V. Gordienko defended her candidate thesis on “Psychological Assistance for a Professional Deformation of a Pedagogue’s Personality” in 19.00.07 Pedagogic Psychology in 2008.

Area of expertise: pedagogical psychology and its applied aspects, problems of psychological deformation of a person, specialist formation at different stages of professionalization, preservation of psychological health of a person in a work process.

She published more than 120 publications, including 94 scientific and 26 academic works, which are used in pedagogical practice. N.V. Gordienko has published 25 scientific and 15 academic works and 14 HAC articles in the recent three years.

The most significant works:

1.       Gordienko N.V. Individual and Gender Reactions of a Person as a Strategy of Coping in a Situation of Uncertainty. International Journal of Medicine and Psychology. 2020. V.3. no.2. P. 7-14.
2.       Gordienko N.V. Professional Self-Determination as a Psychological Choice for a Career, Based on the Genetic Tree and Assessment of Inner Resources of a Subject. Gordienko N.V., Russian Journal of Education and Psychology. 2019. V. 10. No.4. P. 30-35.
3.       Gordienko N.V. Application of Business Games in Education and Development of a Students’ Personality in a Subjective and Social Context of the Future Professional Activity. Gordienko N.V. Collected papers: University Readings – 2019. Materials of Scientific and Methodological Readings. 2019. P. 39-41.
4.       Gordienko N.V. Psychological Readiness to the Marriage Among the Modern Young People. Gordienko N.V., Family and Personality: Problems of Interaction. 2019. No.13. P.26-32.
5.       Gordienko N.V. Self-efficiency of a Person as a Resource for the Pedagogic Activity Results Increase. Adygea State University Gerald. Pedagogy and Psychology. Maykop. ASU Publishing house. Iss. 2 (218). 2018. P. 15-22.
6.       Gordienko N.V.Interpretational Scheme of Szondi Test while Studying Professional Deformation of Pedagogues Personalities with Different Professional Experience. Contemporary Studies of Social Problems (Electronic Scientific HAC Journal). 2016. No.4 (60). P. 132-145.
7.       Gordienko N.V. About the Peculiarities of an Empiric Study for a Professional Deformation in the Practice of Contemporary Educational Rout of a Pedagogue. Humanitarian approaches to the Periodic Law // Austrian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. «East West» Association for Advanced Studies and Higher Education GmbH. Vienna. 2014. September-October, 2014, No 9-10 – p.168-171.
8.       Gordienko N.V. Study for Psychological Methods of Pedagogue’s Personality Professional Deformation Prevention in Theory and Practice. Modernization of education: problems, concepts, reality. Collected papers of the International Scientific and Practical Conference. Under the direction of O.G. Grokholskaya. Moscow. University RAO, 2011, 232 p.
9.       Gordienko N.V. Psychological Assistance for Pedagogue’s Personality Professional Deformation Prevention (monograph) Lidak L.V., Gordienko N.V. Psychological Assistance for Pedagogue’s Personality Professional Deformation Prevention: monograph. Pyatigorsk: Mineralnye Vody, PSLU, 2009. 180 p.

The most significant academic works:

1.       Gordienko N.V., Basanova E.E. Volution of a Personality. Academic aid with tables and schemes for lectures in General Psychology. Parts 1, 2, 3, 4: academic aid. Pyatigorsk. PSU. 2019.
2.       Gordienko N.V. Genetics of Behavior, Psychogenetics. Tasks for seminars and practice classes. Pyatigorsk: PSU, 2019. 31 p.
3.       Gordienko N.V. Methodic Recommendations on Implementation and Arrangement of Year and Graduation Works (academic aids). Zheleznovodsk. Lotos Publishing house. Pyatigorsk, 2016, 43 p.
4.       Gordienko N.V. Workbook on Methods of Active Social and Psychological Training (academic aid). Kazan, Buk publishing house. 136 p.
5.       Gordienko N.V. Self study book on Psychological Diagnosis of Pedagogic Workers Personality: for 44.03.02 Psychological and Pedagogical Education, Psychology and Pedagogy of Primary Education (academic aid). Kazan. Buk publishing house, 2017. 126 p.

N.V. Gordienko has an 18-year experience of in scientific and pedagogical work. She has been working at PSU since 2014.