Красовская Софья Владимировна

Krasovskaya Sofya Vladimirovna

Work experience: 29 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 22 years
Sofya Vladimirovna Krasovskaya, Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor at the Chair of General and Pedagogical Psychology; active member of Professional Association of Naturopathy therapist.

In 1998, she graduate with excellence from Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy, majoring in Pharmacy. In 2009, she defended her candidate thesis on “Development and Standardization of Antihypoxic and Psychostimulating Drugs on the Basis of Homogenate of Queen Larval Bees” in 15.00.02 Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy.

Area of expertise: study for the pharmacological action of microbiological synthesis products; problems of students training quality while using distant technologies. She published more than 50 scientific publications. The most significant works are Influence of Queen’s Brood on the Process of Biological Oxidation in Brain (article, 2008); Working-out of Gipolarm Drugs on the Basis of Homogenate of Queen Larval Bees and their Standardization (article, 2005); Gender Aspect of the Communicative Behavior (article, 2014); Innovational Pedagogical Counselling as Guarantee for the Management of the Educational Process Quality Preserving Personal Qualities of Students (article, 2019).

S.V. Krasovskaya has 22 years of work experience in higher education. She has been working at PSU since 2010.