Маслова Ольга Борисовна

Maslova Olga Borisovna

Work experience: 30 years
Teaching experience: 18 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 13 years
Olga Borisovna Maslova, Candidate of Historical Sciences with total scientific and pedagogic experience of 19 years. She graduated from Historic Department at Rostov State University in 1995, majoring in historic sciences.

Candidate of Historical Sciences on 07.00.02 Russian history from 2010.

Since September 1, 2014, O.B. Maslova has been working as an assistant professor at the Chair of Historic and Social-Philosophic Disciplines, Oriental Studies, and Theology at Pyatigorsk State University.

In 2019 she became a head of 44.04.05 Pedagogic Education direction with two majors (History and Social Studies).

At present O.B. Maslova gives the following classes: History of Russian Orthodox Church, Russian History, History of Russia in XX Century, Methods of History Teaching, History of Russian Diplomacy, she also supervises year, and diploma works, as well as a work-experience internship. 

O.B. Maslova is involved in research activity. She prepared and published about 30 articles. She also supervises student scientific publications as well as student innovational projects for participation in the Young Science competition.

Area of her expertise includes a social policy of a Soviet government, history of Russian Orthodox Church, world and Russian culture.

Since 2017 O.B. Maslova has been an author of the innovative practice-oriented educational project of History of Persons for students and master’s students of Pyatigorsk State University. She takes part in the work of a chair historic club called “What It Was?” as a reporter and a member of a club.