Настаева Людмила Ханафиевна

Nastayeva Lyudmila Khanafiyevna

Work experience: 13 years
Teaching experience: 11 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 11 years
Lyudmila Khanafievna Nastaeva, lecturer. She graduated from the Department of English and Geman Languages at PSLU. She is an expert in English and German languages teaching to students of Public Relations, International Relations, and Journalism majors.

She supervises the scientific and research work of students.

Area of her expertise includes activity theories of language and communication; system-thinking methodology.

In 2011-2014 she took part in the work of Innovations Projecting Group, results of which were reflected in a collective monograph, titled “University of New Generation”.

The results of her studies were published in scientific articles, reports, and performance at university and international conferences.

She published a range of scientific works in leading scientific HAC journals.