Старжинская Ирина Борисовна

Starzhinskaya Irina Borisovna

Work experience: 15 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 11 years
Irina Borisovna Starzhinskaya graduated from the Branch of Rostov State Academy of Architecture and Arts in Zheleznovodsk with honors, majoring in Design. She is a member of the Union of Russian Designers.

She takes part in the krai, Russian, and international exhibitions. Irina Starzhinskaya worked out and implemented interior projects in CMW cities, Saratov, Grozny. She was awarded diplomas from the Union of Russian Artists and Union of Russian Designers.

From 2008 to 2016 she worked as a lecturer at the Chair of Applied and Decorative Arts at the Branch of South Federal University in Zheleznovodsk.

Since 2017, she has been an associate professor at the Chair of Design, Architecture, Applied and Decorative Arts.

Illustrator, a participator in a range of publishing projects, including:

author project on illustrating the book “How Nikita Kozhemyaka and Zmei Gorynich Divided Rus” (Donbass Publishing House, 2020)
illustrations to the therapeutic fairytales “Mom’s Trunk Box” (Perom k Peru Publishing House);
illustrations to the fairytales (Kubik publishing house, 2021).