Авакова Светлана Ивановна

Avakova Svetlana Ivanovna

Work experience: 32 years
Svetlana Ivanovna Avakova, sculptor. She was born in 1953 in Murmansk, Russia.

She graduated from V. Serov Leningrad Art College in 1973.

In 1980, she graduated from Mukhina Leningrad Higher Art and Industrial College (now Schtierlitz Saint Petersburg State Art and Industrial Academy), department of Monumental Sculpture.

The released objects are:

  • L.N. Tolstoy’s portrait sculpture;
  • Relief of the Honorary Citizen Govorukhin (Zheleznovodsk);
  • Triumph to the Medical Instrument sculpture (Zheleznovodsk, Mashuk Akva Term Spa Hotel);
  • memorial sign with Slavsky portrait (Zhemchuzhina Kavkaza Spa Hotel);
  • memorial plate to the artist Kachinskiy (Zheleznovodsk);
  • relief on the façade of Sergiy Radonezhskiy Temple (Lermontov);
  • Fat and Thin, sculpture based on the A. Chekhov’s stories (Taganrog);
  • Monument for the miners, founder of Lermontov;
  • Monument to the first settlers of Zheleznovodsk;
  • Monument to S.Govorukhin (Zheleznovodsk).
S.I. Avakova is a member of the Creative Union of Russian Artist, a member of the Union of Russian Designers. She takes part in regional, Russian, and international exhibitions of the Creative Union of Russian Artists.

She is awarded:

  • medal for the merits to Pyatigorsk;
  • silver medal of the Creative Union of Russian Artists;
  • diploma from the Union of Designers for the Collection of uniquely designed puppets;
  • diploma of the Ferodiz participator;
  • diploma from the Creative Union of Artists;
  • diploma of Academic Exhibitions of Russia.