Колядин Александр Петрович

Kolyadin Aleksandr Petrovich

Prorector for Social and Economic Policy and Safety

Professor Chair of Economics, Management, and Finance

E-mail: kolyadin@pgu.ru
Phone: +7 (879-3) 400-602
Work experience: 37 years
Teaching experience: 37 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 37 years
Alexander Petrovich Kolyadin,  Prorector for Social and Economic Policy and Safety, Doctor of Economical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Pedagogic and Social Sciences.

Alexander Kolyadin graduated from Economic Department of Rostov State University in 1984, and was given with Lenin scholarship while studying.

At Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University (since 1984) he has risen through the ranks from Assistant to Professor, Prorector. From 1991 to 1993 A.P. Kolyadin worked as deputy Dean of the Department of English and German Languages. In 1993 he was elected as Prorector for economic issues, and since October 2007 – Prorector for Social and Economic Policy and Safety of PSLU.

Being Prorector, A.P. Kolyadin organizes economic and social activity at the university, supervises the work on non-budgetary funds attraction, improvement of material and technical base and social infrastructure, provision of complex safety of the university. A.P. Kolyadin heads the commission on the social problems solution, and commission on ethics and labor disputes resolution. Alexander Kolyadin worked out “Motivation and stimulation of labor and upgrade of social problems solution and complex safety in PSLU” strategic program.

Professor A.P. Kolyadin is an author and co-author of three schoolbooks: “History of Foreign and Russian Economic Mind”, “Principals of Economic Theory and Practice”, “Economic Theory”, which have label of recommendation of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. He is also an author of 4 scientific monographs, devoted to the problems of human capital and economy of knowledge, and more than 70 teaching and guiding materials. In 2012 Professor A.P. Kolyadin defended a Doctor thesis in the field of Economic Theory.

Professor A.P. Kolyadin is a successful mentor of postgraduates and candidates. Under his direction, 17 Candidate theses were defended in the field of 08.00.01 – Economic Theory, and 08.00.05 – Regional Economy.

A.P. Kolyadin constantly improves his qualification. In recent years he has undergone trainings on “History and Philosophy of Science (Social and Humanitarian Sciences)”, “Graduates Training Considering Contemporary Competencies”, “Products acquisition management for the State Needs”, “Organization of Life Safety, emergency mitigation and counter-terrorism policy in educational institutions”. 

For merits in social policy in education and years-long responsible work Professor A.P. Kolyadin received an Honorary Certificate of Stavropol Krai Governor and a medal “For Valorous Labour III degree”. For years-long fruitful scientific and pedagogic activity, responsible work and personal contribution into high-qualitative experts training A.P. Kolyadin received an Honorary Certificate of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and “Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation” lapel pin.