Елькин Владимир Витальевич

Elkin Vladimir Vitalyevich

Associate Professor Vladimir Vitalyevich Elkin carries out the general management of the Chair of Linguocommunication and Applied Foreign Languages, which is a structural subdivision of the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism of PSU.

In the aspect of teaching and learning activities and improving the educational process, Associate Professor V.V. Elkin carries out mini-projects, practice-guided sections and the latest interactive methods of teaching foreign languages (in particular, the method of texting quest and the method of linguocultural transformation), works in the electronic information and educational learning environment of edu.pgu.ru.

Associate Professor Elkin V.V. manages the basic vocational training program in the field of study of 45.03.02 - Linguistics (focus (profile): Theory and practice of intercultural communication - English and German), educational projects of linguocommunicative, linguocultural and country study focus, conducts open online classes in webinar format for students and teachers of foreign partner universities.

Associate Professor Elkin V. V. coordinates the educational activities of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the chair and independently participates in the implementation of additional language education programs on the basis of:

- Multilevel Innovative Academy of Life-long Education (MIALE);

- Institute for Continuing Education and Professional Competence of PSU;

- Training Laboratory of the PSU Business Center for Tourism, Service, and Consulting.

- Center for methodological support of teaching the German language, multiplication of knowledge and professional competencies at PSU, cooperating with the Goethe-Institute at the German Embassy in Moscow.

V.V. Elkin conducts annual training seminars for teachers of secondary schools and teachers of language centers in the North Caucasus Federal District.

Associate Professor Elkin conducts annual training seminars for teachers of comprehensive schools and language centers in the North Caucasus. V. Elkin actively participates in getting employers' representatives to work at the department as teachers in the main professional educational programs.

Associate Professor V.V. Elkin acts as an independent expert in the work of the competition commissions for vacancies in the civil service of the Russian Federation, commissions for certification of civil servants of the Russian Federation, the commission on a conflict of interests in the customs structures of the North Caucasian Federal District, and also is one of the leaders of the team of PSU students, studying on 38.05.02 - Customs Business, during their training and participation in the All-Russian Olympiad on Customs Business.

In the aspect of research, scientific and methodological activities, advanced training Associate Professor V.V. Elkin is actively involved in the following areas:

- participation in the organization and holding of university scientific conferences (in particular: the annual international scientific and practical conference "Language and Culture in the Era of Integration of Scientific Knowledge and Professionalization of Education", Pyatigorsk Linguistic Congress, etc.);

- organization of work of a section "Relevant Problems of Linguocommunication Science and Applied Foreign Languages" within the framework of annual scientific and methodical readings of PSU “University Readings” and the regional interuniversity scientific and practical conference of young scientists, postgraduates, and students "Young Science";

- participation in various levels of scientific conferences both in Russia and abroad;

- publication of the results of scientific research in various editions, including journals from the HAC list, Russian and foreign collections of scientific articles, published in the national informational and analytical system RSCI, and international databases of Scopus and Web of Science;

- participation in competitive and grant programs;

- participation in scientific and educational programs, methodological webinars and advanced training courses with obtaining appropriate certificates;

- preparation and publication of monographs, textbooks and educational and methodological aids with their publication on PSU web page;

- management of students' research work, including their innovative projects and graduate and undergraduate level graduation works, preparation and organization of students' successful participation in external scientific work competitions, etc.

Areas of his expertise and research includes: linguocommunicativism, colloquialism, stylistics, psycholinguistics, terminology, onomastics, intercultural communication, computer-mediated communication.

V.V. Elkin actively participates in educational, social, career guidance activities, formation of social and personal competencies and citizenship in graduates, preparing them for employment and future career, being the initiator, organizer, curator and participant in a number of long-term and annually realized projects of the department, aimed at civic-patriotic education, combating terrorism and extremism; spiritual, moral and aesthetic education; career guidance work with students, schoolchildren.

Also, associate professor Elkin V. V. organizes and conducts annual competitions, Olympiads, foreign language festivals, etc.

In the aspect of research and production, practice-oriented, project and entrepreneurial innovation activities, associate professor Elkin V.V. actively participates independently and coordinates the work of the chair’s research and development staff on:

- creation and commercialization of intellectual property objects (including scientific, educational, technological working-outs) under license agreements and other types of commercial use;

- obtaining of protection documents for the objects of intellectual property;

- upload of developed intellectual property objects (textbooks, manuals, etc.) in the PSU Showcase;

- supervision of student innovation and technological projects, submitted annually for participation in the intramural university contest of Innovative Potential of University Youth;

- development of intellectual and innovative products on the basis of GQW, etc. 

V.V. Elkin is actively involved in the processes of internationalization of the university’s ativity, implementation of export-guided projects, and strengthening of PSU’s international prestige:

- coordination and implementation of international programs of academic mobility of students and lectors, exchange education, double diplomas, advanced training with partner institutions of the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism and other foreign organizations, linked with the international educational activity:

1)      Minsk State Linguistic University (Belarus);
2) University of Vanvitelli Campania (Italy);
3)      University of Cadiz (Spain);
4)      University for the Foreigners of Perugia (Italy);
5)      Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse III, France);
6) Lyceum of Hospitality (Toulon, France);
7) Alessandro Greppi Linguistic Lyceum (Italy);
8) German Service of Academic Exchanges;
9)      International Community of the North Rhine Westfalia (Germany, Dortmund).
10) Goethe Institute at the Embassy of Germany in Moscow.

- on a regular basis, he employs foreign lectors, scientists, and experts;

- implementation of joint international academic projects online, using information and communication technologies and electronic conference platforms;

- linguocommunicative assistance to the international events (festivals, conferences, etc);

- work with foreign students of PSU;

- work, internships, advanced training abroad or online in the foreign organizations, etc.

Information about awards and incentives:

- Certificate of Merit for services in university development, valorous work, implementation of innovative methods of work and in connection with the 70th anniversary of Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University (2009).

- Certificate for faithful and self-denying work for the good of the faculty and the university in connection with the 20th anniversary of the English and Romance Languages Department of the Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University (2009).

- Medal of III degree "For Excellent Service to the University" (26.09.14, no. 10).

- Acknowledgement for successful implementation of the experiment on independent evaluation of the quality of higher education (IQEI) in the Russian Federation, conducted by the Federal Service for Supervision of Education and Science in educational institutions of higher education.

- Diploma of the Head of Pyatigorsk for many years of fruitful work in the development of the educational process, active work in the field of scientific research, great contribution to the training of specialists and in connection with the celebration of the 80th anniversary of PSU (2019)

- Diploma of the Stavropol Krai Duma for services in the development of the social sphere and many years of work (2020).

- Certificate of Merit of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation for significant services in the field of education and many years of diligent work (2021).