Свионтковская Светлана Викторовна

Sviontkovskaya Svenlana Viktorovna

Work experience: 33 years
Teaching experience: 33 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 33 years
Svetlana Viktorovna Sviontkovskaya, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor at the Chair of Spanish Studies and Intercultural Communication.

She has been working at the chair since 1987.

She gives the following classes:

1) Timely problems of contemporary linguistics;

2) Stylistics;

3) Practice course of the first foreign language;

4) Practicum on the culture of verbal communication of the first foreign language.

Area of expertise: linguoculturological and cognitive problems of the study of linguistic units and different types of discourses.

Professional achievements:

- In 2000 S.V. Sviontkovskaya defended her candidate thesis titled “Functions of zoomorphisms in Formation of a Pragmatic Potential of the Literary Text (on the basis of Spanish and English languages)” and received a degree of the Candidate of Philological Sciences in 10.02.20 Comparative, historic, typological and contrastive linguistics.

- In 2005 she received an academic rank of Associate Professor;

- In 2005 she was awarded a Certificate of Honor of the Stavropol Krai Ministry of Education;

- In 2007 she was awarded a II Degree Diploma “For the Development of Students’ Research Work”;

- In 2014 she took an internship in Mester language school in Salamanca, Spain;

- In 2014 she was awarded a Certificate of Honor of the Pyatigorsk Mayor;

- In 2012 – 2015 she was giving classes at MIALE in “Efficient Intercultural and Business Communication. I and II years” Spanish Language” and “Innovative Strategies of the Verbal Communication (Spanish language)”;

- In 2016 she published a textbook titled Theory of Intercultural Communication (co-authors Y.V. Taratukhina, S.N. Bezus), which was marked by the Academic Methodological Association;

- She supervises the postgraduate students;

- She is a member of the Spanish Scholars of Russia Association;

- A high-qualified expert, who gives glasses considering the contemporary didactic requirements and on the basis of the newest Russian and foreign working-outs.