Косов Геннадий Владимирович

Kosov Gennadiy Vladimirovich

Work experience: 26 years
Teaching experience: 7 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 25 years

Gennady Vladimirovich Kosov, Deputy Head of the chair, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, scientific secretary of the Dissertational Council D 212.193.03 on political sciences, head of “Political Region Studies” academic center, a member of six journals editorial boards.

G.V. Kosov is the Head of a branch of “Civic Society Development Fund” in Stavropol, Head of Pyatigorsk Department of Russian Politologists Community, member of Stavropol Krai election committee with a right with a deciding vote, member of scientific expert council at the Stavropol Krai Legislators Council. He is a regular guest at federal and regional mass media.

He supervised two doctoral and more than 30 candidate dissertations on political and sociological sciences.

Area of his expertise includes historical politology, problems of non-politic factors politicization, political regionalistics, as well as specificity of political processes in non-western countries.

He is an author/coauthor of more than 270 scientific works, including 18 monographs and 42 academic methodic works, including 13 textbooks, 7 of which has a mark of Academic Methodological Association. One academic aid (Fundamentals of Sociology and Politology) was translated and issued in Kazakh. He is also a scientific editor of 10 monographs.

G.V. Kosov was awarded medals and certificates of honor by the Ministry of Education of Stavropol Krai and PSU.

He reads the following courses: Global Politics; Megatrends and Global Problems; External Political Process and Formation of the Russian Federation External Policy; Political Regionalistics. He also read lectures in Academy of National Police of the Peoples Republic of China on problems of international migration, actions against extremism and terrorism.