Станкевич Галина Викторовна

Stankevich Galina Victorovna


Head School of Law

Phone: 400-976
Work experience: 28 years
Teaching experience: 10 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 24 years
Galina Viktorovna Stankevich, Doctor of Political Sciences, Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Head of the Chair of Civil Law and Process, supervisor of master’s programs at Juridical Institute.

In 1988, she enrolled in the first year of the Historical Department at Stavropol State Pedagogic Institute, from which she graduated with excellence in 1993. Between 1993-1996 she was a history and law teacher at school.

From 1996 till present she has been a lecturer at a higher school. She is an experienced lecturer of the theory of state and law, financial law, tax law, commercial law, entrepreneurial law, civil-legal, and international law disciplines.

In 2001, she successfully took retraining at RANEPA, after which she defended her candidate thesis in 12.00.01 – Theory and History of State and Law; History of Political and Legal Schools. In 2006, she got the scientific rank of Associate Professor.

In 2012 G.V. Stankevich successfully defended her doctoral dissertation on 23.00.02 – Political Institute, Processes, and Technologies (Political Sciences).

On September 1, 2013, she started working as a professor at the Chair of International Relations, World Economy, and International Law at PSU.

In 2018, she was awarded the qualification of master of law.

During her pedagogic activity, G.V. Stankevich occupied positions of assistant, senior lecturer, associate professor, and professor at the Chair of International Relations, World Economy, and International Law. From July 1, 2014, till the present G.V. Stankevich has been heading the Chair of Criminal and Civil Law at Juridical Institute. Since November 1, 2014, she has been heading the Chair of Civil Law and Process.

Galina Stankevich is a member of the Interregional Association of Constitutionalists and the Russian Union of Taxpayers, an independent expert on civil sector workers attestation in the 16th court of appeals.

The area of her expertise includes:

Political processes and technologies;
Civil law and process;
Financial and tax law.

G.V. Stankevich is awarded certificates of honor from State Duma of Stavropol Krai, Audit Chamber of Stavropol Krai, Ministry of Education of Stavropol Krai, Stavropol City Administration, certificates from State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation for the training of winners “My Legislative Initiative” - All-Russia Competition of Educational Facilities and Scientific Organizations Youth for the best work.

She took part in the realization of different grant programs of Russian Humanitarian Scientific Foundation, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Grant of the President of the Russian Federation.

Galina Stankevich is actively involved in the scientific and research work of students. She supervised winners and awardees of international and Russian competitions like My Legislative Initiative, All-Russia Legal Olympiad, V.I. Scherbakov Ingosstrakh Competition of Student Works on Insurance Law, Priority National Projects “Education”, All-Russia Competition of Student Scientific Works for ROSGOSTRAKH prize; Competition of a Notarial Chamber of Stavropol Krai for A.I. Tikhenko scholarship for the best student and graduation qualification work; All-Russian Competition of the Best Student Work, organized by the All-Russia Association of Juridical Institutes, etc.

Students’ reports supervised by G.V. Stankevich repeatedly occupied prize positions (diploma for the best report on the International Scientific and Practical Conference of students and postgraduates at Kazan Federal University, 2012, diploma and a money prize for the best performance at the conference of young scientists in 2012, certificate for the best report at the International Conference of Students and Postgraduates “Lomonosov” at Moscow State University, and others).