Ануфриенко Светлана Викторовна

Anufriyenko Svetlana Viktorovna

Work experience: 23 years
Teaching experience: 21 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 21 years
Svetlana Viktorovna Anufrienko, Candidate of Political Sciences, Associate Professor.

She is an author of more than 80 scientific and academic works, including 11 works, published in foreign Scopus and Web of Science journals.

She scientifically supervised 2 candidate theses. The area of S.V. Anufrienko’s interests includes mass media, political journalism, terrorism coverage in media space, digitalization of contemporary society.

S.V. Anufrienko reads the following lectures: Political Journalism; Mass Media and Globalization; Fundamentals of Graphic Design; Technical Design and Advertisement; Media Design; Basics of Cartoon Making; Theory of Global Cinematography; Contemporary Technologies of Audio and Video Editing; Photograph.