Салогуб Анжела Михайловна

Salogub Anzhela Mikhaylovna

Work experience: 23 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 23 years


In 1997 Anzhela Salogub graduated with honor from Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University majoring in Philology (Russian language, Literature, and Spanish Language) with a qualification of Philologist. Teacher of the Russian Language, Literature, and the Spanish Language).

In 2001 she graduated with honor from the North Caucasus Academy of the Government Service majoring in the Government and Municipal Management (Government Service) with a qualification of Manager.

In 2001 she graduated the Institute of Additional Educational Programs at Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University in “General and Dedicated Manager”.

In 2005 Anzhela Salogub defended her candidate thesis concerning “Model of Human Resources for the Russian Organizations” majoring in 22.00.08 Management Sociology in Institute of Advanced training and retraining at Rostov State University.

In 2010 she acquired an academic rank of Associate Professor.

In 2005 A.M. Salogub defended her doctoral thesis concerning “Creative Management in the System of the Social Development of the Russian Society” majoring in 22.00.08 Management Sociology in Institute of Advanced training and retraining at South Federal University.

She has a 17 years academic experience.

Academic experience

A.M. Salogub is an author of more than 65 scientific publications (more than 200 publication sheets in total). Hirsch index – 8.

Scientific directions of the study:

-              Management of a creative personnel of the Russian organizations;

-              Establishment and improvement of the general and human research management in contemporary Russian organizations.

Since 2006 she has been working as a consultant and a business trainer at PSU Business School.

Teaching experience

Since 2006 M.A. Salogub has been working at the Chair of Creative and Innovative Management and Law at Pyatigorsk State University (former Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University). She provides lectures concerning Personnel Management, History of Management, Contemporary Problems of the Management and Human Resource Management, Sociology. She has worked out methodic aids, textbooks for all these disciplines according to the federal state educational programs.


Associate Professor A.M. Salogub is awarded a Certificate of Merit of the Pyatigorsk Mayor for a long-term fruitful work on development and improvement of the educational process, significant contribution into the training of competent experts and scientific and pedagogic human resources, development of the youth activity, and for the 75 anniversary of PSU.

She is a practicing business trainer (Business school, advanced training, human resources retraining).

-              Leadership and style characteristic of a management activity;

-              Authority delegation;

-              Staff recruitment as a crucial function of a human resource management.