Эркенова Мариям Мустафаевна

Erkenova Mariam Mustafayevna

Work experience: 17 years
Teaching experience: 8 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 9 years
Mariam Mustafayevna Erkenova, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor at the Chair of General and Pedagogical Psychology, a medical psychologist of the first category in the infant health center in Malokarachaevskaya Central Regional Hospital in Uchkeken, the Karachay-Cherkess Republic.

In 2004, she graduated with excellence from North Caucasus State Technical University, majoring in Psychology. In 2008, she took retraining at Stavropol State Medical Academy, majoring in Medical Psychology.

In 2010, she defended her candidate thesis on “Psychological Support for the Personal Peculiarities Development of Young Teenagers” in 19.00.07 Pedagogical Psychology.

The area of M.M. Erkenova’s expertise includes psychological support for the educational space subjects; problems of preservation and strengthening of psychological and physical health of a person; quality of life; problems of addictive behavior.

She published more than 50 scientific works, here are the most significant ones:

Erkenova, M.M. Psychological Support for the Personal Development of Young Teenagers in an Educational Space (collective monograph, 2008);

Erkenova, M.M. Implementation of a Program of Psychological Support for the Personal Peculiarities Development of Youn Teenagers (collective monograph, 2011);

Erkenova, M.M. Medical, Psychological, and Pedagogical Assistance to Teenagers with Functional Health Disorders (collective monograph, 2012);

Erkenova, M.M. Psychological Prevention of Post-traumatic Stress Disturbances of the Rescue Services Workers (collective monograph, 2014);

Erkenova, M.M. Psychological Support of the Young Teenagers’ Personal Peculiarities Development (monograph, 2014);

Erkenova, M.M. Psychological Prevention of Post-traumatic Stress Disturbances of the Specialist Workin in Extreme Conditions (academic aid, co-authored with A.B. Tokumaev, 2015);

Erkenova, M.M. Psychological Assistance in Hard Life Situations: Professional Activity Practice (academic aid, co-authored with I.V. Boyazitova, 2017);

Erkenova, M.M. Psychology of Health: Professional Activity Practice (academic aid, co-authored with I.V. Boyazitova, 2017);

Formation of Robust Beliefs in a Student Age (collective monograph, 2018);

Studies for the Personal Potential as a Resource of the Life Quality in Elderly Age // Materials of the III International Scientific and Practical Conference “Social and Economic Systems: Paradigms of the Future” (article in the Web of Science, together with I.V. Boyazitova and S.V. Krasovskaya, 2020).

M.M. Erkenova supervises additional educational programs on Technologies of Psychological Counselling, Age and Psychological Counselling, Fundamentals of a Clinical Psychology at Health and Success Center.

She has working experience as a medical psychologist since 2004. She has been working at PSU since 2011.

Mariam Erkenova is awarded a Certificate of Honor from PSLU in memory of the 10th anniversary of the Institute of Humanology for Responsible Labor, Devotedness to the Profession, and Significant Contribution to the High-Qualified Human Resources Training. She received Letters of Gratitude from the Department of Education of Pyatigorsk City Administration For Active Contribution to the Psychological and Pedagogical Enlightenment of the Parents of Pyatigorsl; from North Caucasus Branch of the Center of Urgent Psychological Support of Emergency Committee For Fruitful Cooperation, Contribution to the Implementation of Scientific and Research Activity and Assistance in the Organization of Events Devoted to the Culture of Safe Behavior among the Population; from Institute of Humanology of Pyatigorsk State University For Efficient Professional Activity, Creative Approach for Work, and Big Contribution to the High-qualified Human Resources Training, Development of Education of Students; from Pyatigorsk Center of Comprehensive Public Service For Active Participation in a Social Partnership and Organization of Events on Social Activity Increase of the Elderly Persons in Different Spheres of Life; from the Head of Administration of Malokarachaevskiy Municipal Region For Long-Term Responsible Work, Active Participation in Social Life of Malokarachaevskiy Municipal Region, and Complete Professionalism.