Шамлиди Евгений Юрьевич

Shamlidi Yevgeniy Yuryevich

Work experience: 54 years
Teaching experience: 47 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 47 years

Evgeny Yurievich Shamlidi, Professor at the Chair of Theory and Practice of Translation at the Institute of Translatology and Multilingualism.

He graduated from the Department of English language at Pyatigorsk State Pedagogic Institute of Foreign Languages (1973, Excellence Diploma of English and German languages teacher). In 1973 he was employed at PSPIFL at the chair of Lexicology at the Department of English Language as an assistant. From 1976 to 1978 he was at postgraduate studies at PSPIFL. In 1978 he successfully defended his Candidate thesis on 10.02.04 – German Languages, “Structural, Semantic, and Word Forming Peculiarities of Two-Component Zoosemic Names” at Linguistics Institute of the Academy of Science of USSR (Moscow). In 1979 he acquired a degree of the Candidate of Philological Sciences by USSR HAC, and in 1984 he received a diploma of an Associate Professor at the Chair of English Language Lexicology. In 1979 he was transferred to a position of the senior lector and in 1984 to a position of the Assistant Professor at the Chair of English Language Lexicology.

Since 1993 he has been working as Associate Professor, and since 2008 as Professor at the Chair of Theory and Practice of Translation.

From 1986 to 2014 E.Y. Shamlidi gave two-year courses of interpretation (simultaneous and consequent) at the Institute of Additional Educational Programs (now Multilevel Innovational Academy of Lifelong Education). A lot of E.Y. Shamlidi’s students work as simultaneous and consequent interpreters at conferences in Russia as well as abroad.

Since 1979 till present E.Y. Shamlidi has been successfully combining the teaching profession with interpreter work not only in Russia but abroad as well. He worked as a simultaneous and consequent interpreter at conferences and seminars devoted to politics, geopolitics, management, agriculture, accounting, linguistics, psychology, art history, metal mining, astronomy, astrology, medicine, and others. (Russia – SFD, work at the International Red Cross Committee 2002-2012, Moscow – 1992-1998, Saratov – 1998, Great Britain – 1990, Canada – 1995, Kazakhstan – 2002 till now). He gave classes of theory and practice of translation in Kazakhstan at the advanced training of oil companies interpreters (Tengis-Shevroyl, Petro-Kazakhstan, Oil Operating, etc) in Astana, Almaty, Kyzyl Orda, Atyrau, Aktau.

He read lectures to lectors of translation theory and other linguistic disciplines at advanced training courses in Nizhnevartovsk, Stavropol, Novorossiysk, Makhachkala, Pyatigorsk (2000-2019).

Area of E.Y. Shamlidi’s expertise is very wide. He is an author of numerous scientific articles on the problems of word formation, stylistics, colloquial studies, nomination theory, theory and practice of translation. He has a range of publications in RSCI and HAC collected papers.

Academic aids:

1.       E.Y. Shamlidi, V.G. Loktionova, Brief Course of English Language Lexicology Lectures: academic aid (second revised and enlarged edition). Pyatigorsk, 2006, 129 p.

2.       E.Y. Shamlidi, Key fixed expressions in newspapers articles. Academic aid. Translators’ Companion V series. Third revised and enlarged edition. Pyatigorsk, PSLU publishing, 2009, 318 p. Recommended by Academic Methodological Association in linguistics as an academic aid for students of Translation and Translatology.

3.       E.Y. Shamlidi, Fundamental Aspects of Interpreter’s Work: academic methodic aid (second revised and enlarged edition). Pyatigorsk, PSU, 2018, 103 p.

4.       E.Y. Shamlidi, A.A. Gevorgyan, Corrective phonetic practicum on English language for students interpreters: academic aid, third revised and enlarged edition, Pyatigorsk: PSU, 2016, 154 p.

5.       E.Y. Shamlidi, Oil and Gas Industry. Part I. Origin of Hydrocarbons: academic methodic aid for interpreters. Pyatigorsk, PSU, 2017, 74 p.

6.       E.Y. Shamlidi, Oil and Gas Industry. Part II. Oil and Gas Deposits Exploration and Utilization. Academic methodic aid for interpreters. Pyatigorsk: PSU, 2017, 96 p.

7.       E.Y. Shamlidi, Seminars on the English Language Lexicology (for students of Interpreters’ departments and pedagogical professions). Second revised and enlarged edition: academic methodic materials. Pyatigorsk: PSU, 2017, 140 p.

Area of E.Y. Shamlidi’s expertise is not limited only with professional activity. He is also in charge of the weekend trips. Together with students and lectors he regularly goes to mountain tours and local sights. He is fond of mountain tourism, badminton, classic and bard music. He has the first degree in chess. Every year he plays badminton and chess at the inter-department competitions.

A number of times E.Y. Shamlidi was awarded certificates of Rector and professional committee of PSU for his fruitful scientific and academic work. He is also was awarded two certificates of the Ministry of the Russian Federation in 2000 and 2007.