Федотова Ирина Борисовна

Fedotova Irina Borisovna

E-mail: fedotova@pgu.ru
Phone: 400-116
Work experience: 24 years
Teaching experience: 13 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 20 years
Irina Borisovna Fedotova, head of the Chair of Literature and Pedagogic Technologies of Philological Education at Pyatigorsk State University, director of Pushkin Institute - Center of Russian Language and Culture, head of a master’s program of Lingoupedagogic Models of Learning Russian as Foreign Language (44.04.01 – Pedagogic Education). At present, I.B. Fedotova coordinates and provides methodologic support for Pushkin Institute – Centers of Russian Language and Cultures in Italy, China, Portugal, Croatia, and Poland. She also provides for media coverage of these centers on the PSU web page and on the page of Education in Russian.

In 2014-2016 she supervised “Education in Russian” federal program (organizes by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation), aimed at the support of the Russian language and education in Russian in the world space. The program included organization of additional the  for subjects teachers, who teach in Russia abroad in Tajikistan (Kulab), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona), Portugal (Lisbon); working-out of educational resources for a distant education in Russian language; preparation of 4 mass online courses, uploaded to the web page of the program; organization of Olympiads, creative competitions of regional and international levels for high school studets and foreign students of Russian languge, literature, and culture.

Since 2017 she has been helping to the formation of the centers of Russian language and culture, included to the partner network of Pushkin Institute (Poland, Croatia, China, Spain, Portugal). She organized scientific, methodological, and informational-analytic work of these centers of Russian language and cultures. I.B. Fedotova organized and negotiated the additional training of the Russian language teachers in the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Gdansk (Poland) together with the Representation of Rossotrudnichestvo. She also supported the organization of Russian exam for school graduates in Dushanbe (Tajikistan) at the Russian Center of Science and Culture.

Since 2017 she has been heading methodologic support of the project on the inclusion of Russian to the educational programs of Viseu schools (Portugal).

Since 2019 I.B. Fedotova has been an expert in the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on preservation, strengthening, and development of Russian. She took part in III and IV International Livadia Forum, under the aegis of the Federal Assembly, and proposed the promotion of Russian to the world space at the meeting of round-table of the Committee on Science, Education, and Culture.

In 2018-2019 she took part in significant forums on the issues of Russian language promotion and presented reports, analysis of successful practice of the Russian language promotion, and specific proposals: International Congress “Dialogue of Languages and Cultures in the Eurasian Educational Space” in Baku (Azerbaijan), forum-dialogue “Language Policy: All-Russian Expertise” (Moscow, Chamber of Industry and Commerce), “Russian Language. Education. Communication. Partnership” mediaforum (Moscow, A.S. Pushkin State Institute of Russian Language); meeting of the Federal Assembly Committee for Science, Education, and Culture on issues of humanitarian cooperation with Tajikistan; “European Intelectuals in XIX-XX Centureis” International Scientific Conference in Juraj Dobrila University of Pula (Croatia).

In 2019 I.B. Fedotova started developing new areas of international cooperation on Erasmus+ program. She is involved in the programs of students exchange and issues of advanced training of Russian language teachers in Warmia and Mazury University (Olsztyn, Poland).