Авшаров Арсен Генрихович

Avsharov Arsen Genrikhovich

E-mail: avsharov@pgu.ru
Phone: 400-710
Work experience: 17 years
Teaching experience: 17 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 17 years

Arsen Genrikhovich Avsharov, Head of the Chair of Innovation Studies, Marketing, and Advertisement, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.

In 1997 he entered Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University.

In 2001 he won Vladimir Potanin scholarship program.

He graduated from Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University in 2002.

In 2003 he began his pedagogic activity. In 2006 he defended his candidate thesis on economic theory (08001 Establishment of the efficient property forms in a transitive economy).

In 2012 he became the Head of the Chair of Innovation Studies, Marketing, and Advertisement.

He is the head of the following educational programs: Insurance, Operational Activity in Logistics, Innovation Studies.

He has 29 scientific publications. The most significant of them is “State Foreign Economic Policy” co-authored by Yulia E. Golovina.