Политкина Каринэ Ивановна

Politkina Karine Ivanovna

Work experience: 31 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 31 years
Karine Ivanovna Politkina, Associate Professor at the Chair of Innovation Studies, Marketing, and Advertisement.

K.I. Politkina has been working at PSU since September 1, 2001. From June 27, 2003, till August 27, 2014, she was an Associate Professor at the Chair of Philosophy, Culturology, and Ethnology. From August 27, 2014, till present, she has been an Associate Professor at the Chair of Innovation Studies, Marketing, and Advertisement. K.I. Politkina graduated with excellence from the Department of Philosophy at Lomonosov Moscow State University 1978, majoring in Philosophy, and with a qualification of “Philosopher. Philosophy Lecturer”. Right after she graduated from the postgraduate studies at the Chair of History and Theory of Religion at MSU in 1982. In 1983 she defended her candidate thesis in 09.00.06 – Philosophy of Religion. K.I. Politkina is a Candidate of Philosophic Sciences, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Culturology with 30 years of scientific and pedagogic experience.

For 17 years K.I. Politkina has been reading, upgrading, and compiling materials for lectures on Ecology, Social Ecology, General Ecology, Fundamentals of Humanitarian Technologies of Social Innovation Studies, Urban Science, and others in secondary vocational and higher education programs. Karine Politkina actively introduces contemporary educational technologies. She worked out and uploaded at EDU.PGU.RU electronic courses on Ecology, Social Ecology, Urban Science. K.I. Politkina gives electronic classes at IEEITOP. K.I. Politkina’s intellectual potential includes reading lectures on philosophy, culturology, comparative culturology, religion studies, cultural anthropology, sociology of religion, etc.

Being a researching philosopher K.I. Politkina has a wide area of expertise including methodological problems of innovative studies for contemporary social phenomena, integrated analysis of categorical and conceptual base of ecology, mega-ecology, urban sciences, social innovation studies, organization of sociological studies of urban-ecological culture, integration of urban-ecological aspects in a resort city life, philosophy of religion. While working on her doctoral thesis on “Reflection of Alienation Relations in Religion”, Karina Politkina has been implementing philosophic and sociologic research of conceptual phenomena in scientific publications (monographs, academic aids, articles): “nature and biospheric existence”, “religious alienation of an individual”, “urbanism as a lifestyle”, “urban culture”, “phenomenon of religion”, “urbanization and civilization contradictions”, “stable development of cities”, “noospheric thinking as an innovation 21st century”, “possibilities of ecologically stable development of contemporary civilization”, “formation of eco-culture in students”, “content of urban-ecological culture”, etc.

K.I. Politkina published 6 academic aids, 2 monographs on the topic of her doctoral thesis (the last monograph on “Reflection of Alienation Relations in Religion” was published in 2014); chapters in several collective monographs (listed below). Her scientific and methodological publications on issues of philosophy, sociology and psychology of religion, social ecology, urban science, innovation theory, and others amount to 120 articles, monographs, academic aids in HAC and RSCI journals and foreign journals. K.I. Politkina’s Hirsch index is 9.

K.I. Politkina actively collaborates with Technobusinesspark of PSU: E.V. Dashkov and A.V. Vartanov. She passed the intellectual property rights to PSU on the database of “Ecology: academic aid. 2nd updated and revised edition. Pyatigorsk: PSU, 2018. 188 P. (11.8 printed sheets). Students of higher and secondary vocational education actively use an electronic textbook “Ecology”, uploaded as an electronic database in the electronic library of PSU, while preparing for projects, scientific articles, and seminars.

Guided by the creation of innovative career-guided products, in November 2017 K.I. Politkina organized and negotiated a work of section 4 “Ecological Part of the Spiritual Culture, Marketing, and Advertisement in the Year of Ecology in the Russian Federation” at II Symposium “Esthetics and Pragmatics of Advertisement” (November 28, 2017). Students of higher and secondary vocational education if IFLIT and IRGLIHT took part in the event together with associate professors of the chair. On November 13, 2018, within the III International Symposium “Esthetics and Pragmatics of Advertisement”, K.I. Politkina held a section of “Ecology and Urban Science in the City Culture”. More than 50 students of IFLIT, IRGLIHT, and IIR took part in the event, as well as 2 associate professors from Tambov and Makhachkala. 16 students of PSU presented the results of the practice-oriented activity. Following the results of the project studies, 9 articles of participants were published in the section “Ecology and Urban Science in the City Culture” of collected papers of III International Symposium “Esthetics and Pragmatics of Advertisement - 2018”.

Karine Politkina educates students in many directions. Esthetics. Regular visits to Operetta theater in Pyatigorsk and organization of discussion meetings with the main conductor, honored artist of Georgia L.G. Shabanov in the theater lobby. Ecology and urban science. Ecological tours, ecological role games, ecological training with students of IIR, IRGLIHT, and others. The experience of the events organized is generalized and reflected in the author's academic and methodological publications (in “Ecology – 2017” academic aid, http://pglu.ru/news/?ELEMENT_ID=173835).

Academic aids, personal and collective monographs of K.I. Politkina:

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