Рутковская Марина Валерьевна

Rutkovskaya Marina Valeryevna

Marina Valerievna Rutkovskaya, Candidate of Philosophic Sciences, Associate Professor with a total scientific and pedagogic experience of 22 years.

She graduated with honors from Historic Department at Stavropol State Pedagogic Institute, majoring in History. She acquired a qualification of a History and Social-Politic Disciplines.
M.V. Rutkovskaya has been working at Pyatigorsk State University since September 1, 1997, as an assistant at the Chair of Philosophy. Since 2000 as an assistant professor. Since September 1, 2014, M.V. Rutkovskaya has been working at the Chair of Historic and Social-Philosophic Disciplines, Oriental Studies, and Theology (former Chair of Philosophy, Ethnology, and Culturology).

While working at the Chair, Associate Professor M.V. Rutkovskaya gave lectures and seminar classes on History of Religions, Religious Studies, History of Arts, Religious Philosophy, Philosophy, Contemporary Problems of Philosophy of Religions, History of Religion of a Country under Study (China). She supervised scientific and research work of students as well as mini-projects of the disciplines. During the educational process, M.V. Rutkovskaya applies active and interactive methods, using contemporary computer technologies. Implementing pedagogic technologies by means of business games, discussions, cases, brainstorming while working with students, Associate Professor M.V. Rutkovskaya strengthens an innovative and practice-oriented constituent of the given disciplines.

Associate Professor M.V. Rutkovskaya works with students in an electronic educational environment. She worked out edu.pgu.ru online courses on History of Arts, Religion Philosophy, Contemporary Problems of Religions Philosophy, and Philosophy. Her activity is characterized by a high level of materials presented and timely completion of the tasks.

On July 14, 2000, she defended her candidate of philosophic sciences dissertation on Philosophy of State and Law of I.A. Ilyin, at dissertation boar of Saint Petersburg University. She received an academic rank of associate professor on May 19, 2010 (DTS no.028162, no. 1183/543-d).

M.V. Rutkovskaya published more than 50 works, including 4 monographs, written by her and as a co-author.

Area of expertise: a history of archaic religions, history of arts, religious philosophy, history and philosophy of China, Russian philosophy of XIX-beginning of XX century.

She regularly participates in international, all-Russian, and regional scientific and practice conferences.

M.V. Rutkovskaya is a resident expert of Rivers of Time student club, headed by K.V. Kasparyan, and resident expert at annual Higher School of Management team formation in participation in intellectual games on history.  

M.V. Rutkovskaya is an author the of Dictionary of Islamic Terms – online thesaurus. 

She is working out a new innovative method of teaching of History of Arts course within the frameworks of the innovational belt of PSU. She takes part in Innovational Technologies in Scientific and Practical Introduction of Historic Knowledge – scientific and academic laboratory. She is also working out new academic technology and its introduction on the basis of Religious Philosophy.