Колиниченко Ирина Александровна

Kolinichenko Irina Aleksandrovna

Irina Aleksandrovna Kolinichenko graduated from Stavropol State Pedagogical Institute, majoring in Pedagogics and Psychology (Pre-school) with a qualification of Methodologist of a preschool facility, lecturer of pedagogics and psychology (1993), Stavropol State University with qualification of Practicing Psychologist (1998).

Candidate of Psychological Sciences in 19.00.01 General Psychology, Psychology of the Person, History of Psychology (Psychological Sciences) (2003) with a thesis on “Psychological Views of Morality in the Common Consciousness of Entrepreneurs and Managers” with an academic rank of associate professor.

She took professional retraining in General and Practice Psychology with a qualification of Psychologist, Lecturer of Psychology (diploma, 2015), Utilization of Information and Communication Technologies while implementing the Educational Programs of Secondary Vocational and Higher Education, and their adaptation for the disabled persons (diploma, 2018). The most significant advanced training program was Judicial and Extrajudicial Expertise of Children-Parents Relations (certificate, 2019).

Area of I.A. Kolinichenko’s expertise includes the psychology of a person, professional and personal identity, psychology of moral development.

She heads the chair’s scientific and research laboratory ‘Technologies of Personal Development by Means of Organizational Psychology” and Creative Psychologist club.

I.A. Kolinichenko received a Letter of Gratitude from the All-Russia Trade Union of Education “For the Contribution and Development of Trade-Union Movement and For Active Involvement into the Organization of III Session of the Higher Pedagogic School of Trade-Union (G.I. Merkulova, 2014); Letter of Gratitude “For Efficient Professional Activity, Creative Approach to Work, and Big Contribution to the High-Qualified Human Resources Training, Development of Education of Students” (Pyatigorsk, 2017); Letter of Gratitude from the Ministry of Education of Stavropol Krai “For the 80th Anniversary of PSU, for the fruitful work in the education system of Stavropol Krai” (2019).