Алексеева Маргарита Алексеевна

Alekseyeva Margarita Alekseyevna

Work experience: 38 years
Teaching experience: 30 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 30 years
Margarita Alekseevna Alekseeva, Candidate of Economic Sciences on 08.00.05 Economics and National Economy Management (Regional Economy, Services Sector), with more than 37 years of pedagogic experience, including 24 years of being a lecturer of economic disciplines of tourism and hotel industry. She is an associate professor at the Chair of Tourism and Hospitality.

M.A. Alekseeva supervises a bachelor’s educational program on 43.03.01 – Service. Expertise and Assessment of Real Estate.


1) From 1977 to 1982, Leo Tolstoy Chechen-Ingush State University, Grozny (with excellence), majoring in Mathematics (qualification of Mathematician, Teacher of Maths).
2) From 1997 to 1999, Kislovodsk Insitute of Economics and Law (with excellence), majoring in Economics (Finances and credit).
3) From 1999 to 2002, Postgraduate studies at Kislovodsk Institute of Economics and Law, majoring in 08.00.05 Economics and National Economy Management (Regional Economics, Services).
4) 2014, Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University. Multi-level Innovational Academy of a Life-long education. Professional retraining on Management and Technologies in Tourism and Hospitality.
5) 2017, Pyatigorsk State University, Institute of Integrated Programs of Higher and Postgraduate Education. Professional retraining on Tour Guidance.
6) 2019. Pyatigorsk State University. Institute of Integrated Programs of Higher and Postgraduate Education. Professional retraining on ICT Utilization while Implementing Educational Programs of SVE and HE and Their Adaptation for Disabled Persons.
7) 2019, Pyatigorsk State University. Institute of Integrated Programs of Higher and Postgraduate Education. Professional retraining on Pedagogical Activity in the Professional Teaching, Professional Education, Additional Professional Education.

Work Experience:

1982-1995, Leo Tolstoy Chechen-Ingush State University, Grozny. Assistant, senior lecturer, associate professor at the chair.
1995-1997, Rostov State Economic University, Rostov-on-Don (Kislovodsk branch). Associate professor at the chair.
2013 – till the present, Pyatigorsk State University. Associate professor at the Chair of Tourism and Hospitality.

Scientific Activity:

Area of M.A. Alekseeva’s expertise includes studies of economic problems of the resource provision of tourism activity, innovational marketing, and technologies of tourism and hospitality organization, as well as questions of the real estate assessment in the conditions of a market economy. She published more than 40 works, including 3 monographs, 3 academic works, which are used in the educational process, and about 30 scientific works, enlisted in elibrary base, published and peer-reviewed in the HAC and Web of Science journals.

Personal Achievements:
  • M.A. Alekseeva is a co-author of the Concept of the Tourism Development in Stavropol Krai for the period of 2006-2011, as a response to the order of the Ministry of Economic Development of Stavropol Krai, and approved by the All-Russian Economic Forum in Pyatigorsk (2006).
  • She annually participates in regional, national, and international scientific and practical conferences.
  • She supervised about 90 successfully defended graduation qualification works of bachelors, masters, and SVE graduates. Plenty of works received certificates of introduction from the professional enterprises of Pyatigorsk, Stavropol Krai, republics of the NCFD. A whole range of them got agreements with the university for the commercialization of their results.
  • M.A. Alekseeva took retraining on “Economics and Entrepreneurship in the Social and Cultural Service and Tourism” at Academy of Additional Training for the Managing Workers and Resort Industry Experts, Sports, and Tourism in Sochi; as well as on ‘Psychological and Pedagogical Training of a Professional Educational Education Lecturer: New Technologies” in Moscow.
  • She regularly undergoes additional training on programs of integrated education at PSU: Tourism and Hospitality Software, Timely Problems of an Inclusive Education in the Educational Practice of University; Psychological and Pedagogical Training of the Professional Educational Organization Lecturer: New Technologies; Electronic and Distant Education, Informational and Communicative Technologies in the Lecturer’s Activity; Internet Technologies Utilization in the Educational Process of the University; Mass Open Online Courses; Management of Scientific Content Using ICT; Technologies of Production Activities of Tour Agencies and Tour Operators; First Aid Rendering Skills (2015-2019).
  • She is an expert with the right to assess the demonstration exam on Worldskills standards (WorldSkills International (WSI) in the Tourism competence (certificate dated 03/19/2018).
  • She is awarded the medal of “Protector of Kislovodsk” for faith and fidelity to the city (2005).
  • She has certificates and gratitudes for long-term responsible labor and her personal contribution to the educational and scientific activity at Y.A. Senkevich Moscow State Institute of Tourism Industry (2002-2003), as well as her big contribution to the training of hospitality specialists of the Stavropol Krai tourism complex.
  • She is awarded the I Degree Diploma of the winner of Innovational Potential of the University Youth – competition of youth scientific and innovational projects (as a supervisor of a working-out of a student D.A. Panchenko) in the nomination of “Volunteering, Tourism, Service Activity”. Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Pyatigorsk State University (2017).
  • In 2019 M.A. Alekseeva consulted Mashuk Akva-Term (Zheleznovodsk), within the frameworks of her professional activities, as invited by the organization.
  • She has a Certificate from PSU for responsible labor and her personal contribution into the training of high-qualified experts, based on the innovative technologies (2019), as well as a Letter of Gratitude for the efficient work on the academic supply of Service and Tourism (2020).