Бабаян Анжела Владиславовна

Babayan Anzhela Vladislavovna

Education: Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University, Teacher of the Russian Language, Literature, and French Language (1995).

Scientific Degree: Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences (2000), Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences (2007), Associate Professor of the Chair of Pedagogy (2003) and Professor at the Chair of Pedagogy (2009).

Professional Activity:

From 2013 up today she has been a Professor of the Chair of Creative and Innovative Management and Law at Pyatigorsk State University.

From 2018 up today – Head of the Laboratory “Projection of the Social and Cultural Technologies”.

Anzhela Babayan is the head of the Management of Social and Cultural Activity program (Bachelor’s program).

From 2008 she has been a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Studies.

She is the author of more than 250 methodical aids, scientific publications in the central and regional scientific journals, monographs (the total amount more than 180 sheets).

Advanced training in:

1)    Management in Education, 120 hours (Moscow, RANEPA, 2011);
2)    Intensive Educational Technologies in the Realization of a Competency Approach in Accordance with Federal State Register, 72 hours (Stavropol, NCSI, 2015);
3)    Management of Projects in the System of an Educational Organization Management, 72 hours (Moscow, 2015);
4)    Timely Problems of the Social and Humanitarian Significance, 72 hours (Pyatigorsk, PSLU, 2015).
5)    Application of the Professional Standards by the Management of Educational Organization in the Field of Labor Relationships, 46 hours (Yaroslavl, Pastukhov State Academy of the Industrial Management, 2016);
6)    Timely Problems of Inclusive Education in the Educational Practice of the Institution, 36 hours (Pyatigorsk, PSU, 2017);
7)    Technologies of the Applied Decisions, 36 hours (Pyatigorsk, PSU, 2017)
8)    Mass Open Online Courses, 36 hours (Pyatigorsk, PSU, 2017).

Professional retraining at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration in a program of State and Municipal Management (2015).