Концевич Галина Евгеньевна

Kontsevich Galina Yevgenyevna

Work experience: 21 years
Teaching experience: 19 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 19 years
Galina Evgenyevna Kontsevich, Candidate of Sociological Sciences (2005), Associate Professor on Economics and National Economy. She has 20 years of pedagogical work experience, including 19 years of scientific and pedagogical experience.


She graduated from the Economical Department of Pyatigorsk State Technological University with the qualification of Economist.
In 2019, she took professional retraining on Psychological and Pedagogic Education at Stavropol State Pedagogical Institute (1382 hours).

Scientific Activity:

G.E. Kontsevich published more than 250 works. She has a Hirsch Index 10.

From 2010 to 2017 she took part in the dissertational board, being an opponent and making peer-reviews on 8 theses of candidates of sociological sciences (management).