Виноградова Елена Владимировна

Vinogradova Yelena Vladimirovna

Work experience: 37 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 34 years

Elena Vladimirovna Vinogradova, Associate Professor at the Chair of Theory and Practice of Translation.

Graduated from Department of Foreign Languages at Ussuriysk State Institute.

1980 - school teacher of English and French Languages

1989-1992 - postgraduate student at the Chair of Methodology for Foreign Languages Teaching at A.I. Herzen Russian State Pedagogic University (Saint Petersburg);

1996 – Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences in 13.00.02 Theory and Methodology for Foreign Languages Teaching: Utilization of software in the grammar side of reading teaching at school (English language, Intermediate).

E.V. Vinogradova has been working at the Chair since 1996.

In 2003 she acquired the rank of Associate Professor at the Chair of Theory and Methods of Intercultural Communication.

2005-2018 – Deputy Head of Institute of Translatology and Multilingualism for Academic Work;

She gives the following classes:

  • Humanitarian translation (master’s program);

  • Interlanguage Mediation in Oral Communication (master’s program);

  • Translational Analysis of the Text (master’s and bachelor’s program);

  • Contemporary Translation Theory (bachelor’s program);

  • Practical Translation Course of the First Foreign Language (bachelor’s and specialist program);

  • Practical Translation Course of the Second Foreign Language (specialist program);

  • Translation of Business Correspondence and Negotiations.

Distant education:

  • Practical Translation Course of the First Foreign Language

Area of expertise:

  • Translation and Translatology, training of interpreters, linguodidactics of translation;

  • Intercultural communication, cross-cultural communication;

  • Linguodidactics, foreign languages and cultures teaching;

  • Contemporary teaching technologies in higher school.

Professional and personal achievements:

  • Scientific supervisor of a dissertation study of K.V. Markaryan for the Candidate of Pedagogic Languages in 13.00.02 Theory and Methods of Teaching and Education (foreign languages) “Teaching of Foreign Language Pragmatic Communication of non-linguistic institution students (English language, pharmaceutical institution);

  • Head of research and methodic laboratory innovational educational technologies since 2007 up to present;

She is awarded the following certificates and diplomas:

  • 1999 – for many years of excellent work, great contribution into the development of higher professional education, training of high-qualified experts, and 60 years of Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University;

  • 2004 for many years of an excellent work, great contribution to PSLU development and its 65 anniversary;

  • 2005 – Ministry of Education of Stavropol Krai for the contribution in Krai Foreign Languages Olympiad.

  • 2009 – for the university development, valorous labor, introduction of innovational work methods and in honor of 70th anniversary of Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University;

  • 2009 – I degree diploma “For the Development of Students Research Work”;

  • 2010 – II degree diploma “For the Development of Students Research Work”;

  • 2011 – Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for longstanding fruitful work in development and improvement of educational process and significant contribution into the high-qualified specialists training;

  • 2013 – for many years of her dedicated work, innovating, successes in academic and research activity in formation of professional and social competencies in honor of 20th anniversary of Interpreters’ Department;

  • 2014 – for the fruitful work on development and academic process improvement, active efforts in scientific studies in honor of 75th anniversary of Pyatigorsk State University;

  • 2018 – for many years of dedicated work, high professional skills and in the 25th anniversary of the Institute of Translatology and Multilingualism;

  • 2018 (November 9) – for many years of dedicated work for the benefit of the university, active scientific, academic work in honor of her milestone birthday.