Миргород Денис Александрович

Mirgorod Denis Aleksandrovich

Work experience: 16 years
Teaching experience: 16 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 16 years

Denis Aleksandrovich Mirgorod, Candidate of Political Sciences, Senior Lecturer, Professor, Curator of Globus, student discussion club on international relations. The area of his expertise includes international relations, problems of security, Middle East political process, theoretical problems of terrorism, and extremism. He published more than 50 scientific works in Russian and abroad. D.A. Mirgorod is an expert of the Russian Council for International Affairs. He performed as an invited lecturer at the universities of Iraq, Egypt, Germany, and Israel.

D.A. Mirgorod reads the following lecture courses: Problems of National Security and Arms Control; Global Security; Theory of Security; Sociology of International Relations; Megatrends and Global Problems; World Politics; National Security Policy.