Соловьева Елена Александровна

Solovyeva Elena Aleksandrovna

Work experience: 16 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 14 years
Elena Aleksandrovna Solovyeva, Candidate of Political Sciences, Associate Professor. The area of her expertise includes political and economic processes in Russia and foreign countries, the influence of information technologies on contemporary international political and economic processes, theoretic and applied aspects of informational confrontation, contemporary diplomatic system. 

She is an author of more than 50 scientific works. E.A. Solovyeva took part in different international schools, scientific and research seminars and training, devoted to the problems of global policy, national and informational security, organized in Russia (Smolensk), NATO Schools, and Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Association (Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Volgograd), and abroad (Armenia, Estonia, Romania).

E.A. Solovyeva reads the following courses: Diplomatic and Counselor Work; Regional Aspects of Contemporary International Relations; Theory of Security; Economy of Countries and Regions; Theory of Diplomacy and Contemporary Diplomatic System; Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette; International Economic Organization and Regional Economic Associations; Political Marketing and Political Advertisement; Applied Analysis of Political Situations; Fundamentals of Social State; Politology; Comparative Politology.