Парастатов Ставрис Витальевич

Parastasov Stavris Vitalyevich

Work experience: 13 years
Teaching experience: 13 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 13 years

Stavris Vitalyevich Parastatov, Candidate of Political Sciences, Professor, Deputy Director of the Institute of International Relations on international ties. The area of S.V. Parastatov’s expertise includes a contemporary political process in Europe, a European vector of the foreign policy of the Russian Federation, the political process in the Balkan region and East Mediterranean. He was invited as a lecturer by the universities of Greece, Germany, and France. He published more than 40 scientific works in Russian and abroad.

S.V. Parastatov reads the following courses: Contemporary Global Policy; Fundamentals of International Security; International Conflicts in the 21st Century; Theory of Security; International Contracts; Contemporary Foreign Policy Strategy of Russia and International Conflicts; Analysis of International Situations; Internal Policy Process and Formation of Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation; Methods of Decisionmaking in Politics.