Миллер Ирина Сергеевна

Miller Irina Sergeyevna

Irina Sergeevna Miller, Candidate of Political Sciences, Associate Professor at the Chair of Journalism, Media Communications, and Public Relations, an officer of the Scientific and Research Institute of Strategic Studies.

Area of expertise: international relations in the Asia-Pacific region, international conflicts, social and political communications, conflicts in the contemporary society, technologies of conflict resolution. She is an author of more than 40 scientific publications, including 3 monographs, 4 academic aids, a patent for an object of intellectual property. I.S. Miller is actively involved in the scientific work under grants: she supervised a project of “Student as a Subject of Conflicts in the Higher Education: State Educational Policy and Higher School Management Systems Efficiency Improvement through the Analysis of Student self-reflection”, and supervised scientific and research work on state defense order.

Participation in Scientific and Educational Conferences and Forums:

III North Caucasus Sociological Readings – International Scientific and Practical Conference (Stavropol, 2015);

Prospects of the Newest Information and Communication Technologies Use in Contemporary Economics – 5th National Scientific and Practical Conference (Pyatigorsk, 2018);

Scientific Studies of SCO Counties: synergism and integration – International Conference (Beijing, 2018);

Metascientifc Study of the Artificial Intellect – II (VI) International Scientific and Practical Conference (Pyatigorsk, 2019);

Electronic Mass Media: yesterday, today, tomorrow – XIII All-Russia Scientific and Practical Conference (Saint Petersburg, April 5, 2019)_

Social and Economic Systems: paradigms of the future (Pyatigorsk, February 5, 2020);

Constitutional Reform in Russia: meaning and purpose (Pyatigorsk, June 19, 2020);

Timely Focus Areas of the Higher Education System Development: distant education, problems, and advantages – International Scientific and Practical Conference (Rostov-on-Don, 2020);

Digital Education in Central Asia and Russia – IV International Scientific and Practical Conference (Pyatigorsk, February 10-12, 2021).

I.S. Miller reads the following courses: Public View Survey; Sociology of Mass Communications; Sociology of Journalism; Fundamentals of Integrated Communications (Advertisement, Public Relations); Communications in Social Life Fields; Political Communications; Conflict Communications in Contemporary Society; Mediation and Mediational Technologies; Communicational Technologies in Government Institutions and Structures; Introduction in Journalism; Theory and Practice of Mass Media; Language of Media; Social Studies (including economics and law).