Гурова Наталия Владимировна

Gurova Nataliya Vladimirovna

Work experience: 20 years
Teaching experience: 19 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 19 years

Nataliya Vladimirovna Gurova, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor of Spanish Studies and Intercultural Communication.

She has been working at the chair since 1999.

She gives the following classes:

1) Practicum of the Verbal Communication Culture of the 1st Foreign Language;

2) Theory of Text and Discourse.

3) Practical course of the First Foreign Language

4) Intercultural Communication in the Virtual Environment of Foreign Language (master’s program).

Area of expertise: theory and practice of Spanish language, comparative linguistics, political linguistics, pragmalinguistics, discourse-analysis, and others.

Professional achievements:

- In 2004 she published academic aids called Contacts of English and Spanish Languages (co-author L.P. Berdnikova);

- In 2005 she defended her Candidate thesis “Pronoun Question Sentences in English and Spanish Languages” and received a degree of the Candidate of Philological Sciences in 10.02.20 Comparative and Historic Typological and Contrastive Linguistics;

- In 2006 she had an internship at Complutense University in Madrid, Spain;

- In 2008 she published a monograph called “Contacts and Mutual Influence of English and Spanish Languages in the Age of Globalization” (co-author L.P. Berdnikova);

- In 2009 she received the academic rank of Associate Professor;

- In 2011 she was awarded a Certificate of the Pyatigorsk Mayor;

- In 2013 she published a monograph titled “Timely Problems of Theory and Communication in Political Linguistics” (co-author L.P. Berdnikova);

- In 2016 she was awarded III degree medal for “Excellent Work at the University”;

- The member of the jury of the regional series of All-Russia Olympiad of School Students on the Spanish Language;

- The member of Russian Spanish Scholars Association;

- A high-qualified expert who possesses progressive methods of Spanish language teaching.