Хорунжая Надежда Владленовна

Khorunzhaya Nadezhda Vladlenovna

Work experience: 33 years
Teaching experience: 33 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 29 years

Nadezhda Vladlenovna Khorunzhaya, Associate Professor at the Chair of Theory and Practice of Translation at the Institute of Translatology and Multilingualism. She graduated from the Department of German Language at Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University of Foreign Languages.

She has been working at the chair since 1993.

She gives the following classes:

  • Practice course of the first foreign language

  • Practice course of the first foreign language translation;

  • Country studies of the first foreign language;

  • A linguoculturological aspect of translation;

  • Translational analysis of the text;

  • Practice course of the second foreign languages;

  • Cognitive and discourse practicum of the second foreign language;

  • Practice of the second language specialized translation;

  • Theory and practice of the profession-oriented translation of the second foreign language.

She supervises an academic and production practice of bachelor’s students, year and graduation works as well as master’s dissertations.

Area of expertise:

  • stylistic analysis of the text; social and political discourse;

  • word formation processes in contemporary German language;

  • timely issues of foreign language teaching methods.

Professional and personal achievements:

  • defense of the candidate dissertation with assignation of Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences rank;

  • acquisition of Associate Professor degree at the Chair of Theory and Practice of Translation;

  • peer reviewing of dissertations and opponency at Candidate dissertations defense;

  • regular additional training, diploma of professional retraining at “Use of Informational and Communicational Technologies for the Implementation of Secondary Vocational and Higher Educational Programs and their Adaptation to Disabled Persons”;

  • continuous work as a jury at All-Russian Olympiad in German language;

  • annual participation in the organization of the German Language Olympiad within the week of Languages and Cultures at ITAM;

  • supervision of students’ scientific work with regular articles publishing;

  • publication of textbooks in practice course of German language and Translation (coauthored with Ass. Prof. A.A. Sokhan);

  • publication of a medical abbreviations dictionary and linguistic terms dictionary (coauthored with Ass. Prof. A.A. Sokhan).