Стадульская Наталья Александровна

Stadulskaya Natalya Aleksandrovna

Work experience: 20 years
Teaching experience: 18 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 18 years

Natalia Aleksandrovna Stadulskaya, Professor at the Chair of Theory and Practice of Translation. She graduated from the Interpreters’ Department PSLU in 1999, Candidate of Philological Sciences since 2003, Doctor of Philological Sciences since 2014 in German Languages. She published 29 HAC articles, 5 scientific monographs (Hirsh index- 5). Every year she participates in different level scientific conferences. She is a leading expert in Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation.

Area of expertise: scientific studies in contemporary translatology, fundamental linguistics, semiotics. She works out and introduces methods and technologies of theoretic translatology disciplines teaching.

She is a chief editor of the student newspaper “Interpreters’ News”.

List of published monographs:

1. N.A. Stadulskaya, What is in your name? Trademark: evolution, communication, pragmatics. Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University, Pyatigorsk, PSLU, 2006, 181 p.

2. N.A. Stadulskaya, Contemporary look at the Pharmaceutical Trade Name. Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy, Pyatigorsk, 2008, 204 p.

3. N.A. Stadulskaya, Trademarks Semiotics, Lipetsk: Gravis, 2013, 150 p.

4. N.A. Stadulskaya, Specifics of Military Interpreter Profession (part in the collective monograph titled “Formation of Professional Personality of the Interpreter in Conditions of a New Educational Paradigm of Higher Professional Education), E.V. Vinogradova, N.A. Stadulskaya and others. Pyatigorsk: PSLU, 2015, 147-156 pp.

5. L.A. Antipova, N.A. Stadulskaya, Psychilogical and Pedagogic Aspects of the First Years Students Adaptation to the University Education. Stavropol: Logos, 2017, 104 p.