Рященко Марина Александровна

Ryashenko Marina Aleksandrovna

Work experience: 37 years
Teaching experience: 36 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 32 years

Marina Aleksandrovna Ryaschenko has been working in the PSU since 1988. Area of her expertise includes: history of the French language development and communicative methods of the language teaching. She is an examiner of the international DELF and DALF exams in French language. For a long time M.A. Ryaschenko has been the chairwoman of the Chair’s trade-union bureau. Today she is a coordinator of the practice at the Institute of Roman and German Languages, Informational and Humanitarian Technologies. She is awarded the certificates of merit of the University trade-union, certificates of PSU and city mayor, as well as of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.