Центр прикладных иностранных языков ПГУ (ЦПИЯ ПГУ)

The principal focus areas of the Center

The Center of Applied Foreign Languages was established at the university in 2012. It was formed following the initiative of the heads of the chairs, which provided training on applied foreign languages in the field of tourism within the frameworks of intercultural communication: Professor A.A. Kornienko, Head of the Chair of French philology and intercultural communication, Associate Professor I.A. Kobyakova, Head of the Chair of Spanish Studies and Intercultural Communication, and Associate Professor N.S. Shavkun, Head of the Chair of German Studies and Intercultural Communication. Thus the Center is an interchair structure of the Institute of Romance and German Languages, Innovational, and Humanitarian Technologies.

Learning a foreign language as an applied one (bachelor or master) allows graduates to find a job in different fields of international activity: at foreign and joint big and small business enterprises, which work with foreign partners in the field of international tourism, etc.

The Center’s experience proves that the graduates who studied intercultural communication in the field of tourism successfully find a job in the tourism industry in the CMW region, as well as in Moscow. The facts show that a diploma of applied foreign languages may be a starting point for a good career in Russia or/and abroad.

The Center stands up for the development of education and research activity within the applied foreign language, for the approval of its activity in institutional and economic structures, for professional use of human resources with diplomas in intercultural communication.

The Center maintains an international status of education by implementing the students and lecturers exchange within the partnership with foreign educational facilities, and also searches for international ties in the field of applied languages and commercializes its projects. In particular, it develops relations with French University in Limoges, where 4-year students of intercultural communication study the double diploma program, with Spanish University in Cadiz. Students also pass internships in the tourism enterprises of France and Spain. In 2019-2020 4 students finished their education and internship.

It also organized advanced training courses for the teachers and lecturers of South Russia together with the German Service of Academic Exchanges and Embassy of Germany in Russia “Learning the Peculiarities of Professional Communication in the Process of New-Type Expert Training: Linguistic, Translational, and Linguodidactic Strategies.”

Associate Professor N.S. Shavkun took advanced training for a grant from the German Service of Academic Exchanges (DAAD) at the University of Potsdam, Germany, in the program of “Deutsch als Fremdsprache und Fachsprache” (German as foreign and professional language). She is also an author of the academic aid titled “Mit mehr Wissen Verführung genießen. Practical Course of German.”

The members of the Center published plenty of articles in University readings materials on such problem of applied foreign languages as intercultural communication in contemporary multicultural space, space factor in the behavior of Russians and Spanish took part in international conferences (Lille, France; Limoges, France; Cadiz, Spain; etc). Apart from that they actively participate in the work of annual Congresses of the International Association of Applied Foreign Languages (AILEA) in France.

The administration and members of the Center plan to carry on giving classes on applied foreign languages, organizing internships for lecturers and students in the national centers of applied languages in Spain, Germany, Austria, and France.